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    I don’t Think “God” would be a supporter of “free enterprise”. Survival of the fittest may be alright for the flora & fauna, but compasion is a far greater thing for humanity. I would suggest reading “The peoples history of the united states” and also consider we were nothing more than terrorists and illegal aliens when we raped and robbed our way across north america eliminateing an entire indigenous population….is this democracy?? Happy Thanksgiving.


    dktu I received your private e mail and lets just say we disagree. I really don’t want to carry this on in private, but I guess Scott has had enough politics. But I can’t help myself here, your justifications for progress are quite frightening.


    I respect dkt2u’s opinions but vehemently disagree with his politics also however as we all know, this forum is about Costa Rica so let’s “play nicely” and keep our focus on Costa Rica.

    Best wishes from your amigo …

    Scott Oliver – Founder

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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