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    As you know, we had some ‘technical problems’ with the company that was supposedly ‘managing’ the old site and rather than go through that again, I have spent the last eight weeks rebuilding WeLoveCostaRica.com

    I hope that you like it…..

    best wishes from your amigo in Costa Rica – Scott


    The site looks great, Scott. I’m assuming you’ve lost all the previous threads and we are starting anew, eh? Hope this site is less of a hassle for you.


    Sad to report that we did indeed lose all the previous discussions, they simply could not be transferred in any easy way. But the rest of the site is bigger and better than ever and we’re working on quite a few other add-ons which will make this Costa Rica’s #1 site.

    I have chosen to keep the largest discussions forum which was the discussions about Paragon Properties simply because it gave all of us alot of valuable information and pointers about what we need to be aware of when evaluating different properties.

    I will be putting that up on the site within the next week as one long (very long) article.

    Best wishes Scott


    The new site does look good, particularly the navigation is much better.
    Way to go Scott, congratulations. Too bad about all the posts, at least now I can brag that I was the posting champ once in my life!


    Welcome back Scott. I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you!! This is a wonderful site: very informative and very easy to navigate. I just love it. Regards Happygirl

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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