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    Assuming we move to CR, we will move with two dogs (medium sized) and possibly a cat. Eventually we will purchase a residence. Prior to that we will rent. However, upon arrival we will need to find a place to stay while we find a rental. Are there facilities that will take us short term with pets until we find a rental? I’m sure others have faced this situation and we would like to hear from you. Thanks Bob


    There are certain to be landlords who will accept your family, Bob. The questions are: Where will you be residing? When are you coming? Just what accommodations do you need? And how do you contact those landlords?

    Our guest house is listed in Costa Rica Rentals on the home page of this website. We are pet friendly.


    hi where is your quest house located? how much per month? we are moving in Jan. and are looking… thanx for your help…MB


    (Trying to avoid the prohibition on commercial posts here . . .)

    Please look at Costa Rica Rentals on the lefthand side of the home page of this website, http://www.welovecostarica.com.


    There are almost as many dogs as people here lol,just make sure you are careful you are not living near someone who has a security minded dog type people killer pet which many of the dogs here are barkers and overly aggressive in nature as they are cheap security however many are mild and strays also, just make sure your know for yourself.The question you should ask yourself is will the dog living next to me be human and my dog friendly.
    But I dont think you will have any problem finding a place that will accept your dog.By the way be careful where your cat goes as there are not many of those running around lol.
    Believe it or not.

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    Hi, My new house is for rent long term at 2000 dollars a month and 2000 deposit. 4 bedroom and beautiful. It is located in Escazu. But no cats please.

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