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    It was wonderful to read a story that really captured so much of the beauty of Costa Rica. The reasons why so many are changed for ever after even a short visit. Costa Rica is magic, it gets in your being and puts you back in sync with the universe.

    I have no complaints, none; I accept her for what she is. I have never expected Costa Rica to be anything like the United States and have never drawn a comparison. I don’t care if the shops don’t have Twinkies (of course I would never eat one anyway), the bank lines are long, the roads have potholes, appointments are late or forgotten etc…

    And when I am there I will try and do what I can to make her better in an accommodating way; pick up some trash, volunteer at a turtle sanctuary.

    I come to CR for a simple life, laying in a hammock, some surf, golf, hiking and socializing with my amigos.

    Blessings Mr.Davis and enjoy the now; what else is there?

    Pura Vida Costa Rica, Te Amo!


    Por Dios necesitamos más gente como usted viviendo en Costa Rica…



    There are a few of us like Keith. I am one of them.


    Keith and maravilla

    thats great.. your views and your lifestyle..and if you can live here without ever worrying about revenue

    then this is the place to be

    i have lived in this country on both sides

    and i have found if you have some sort of income coming in then everything else is just pan comido 🙂

    but if your days also depend of actually getting things done in a somewhat timely fashion

    then living here can have its challenges


    Living ANYWHERE has it’s challenges:? (I lived in Manhattan for 27 years and raised a family there).
    I agree, for most moving from a country like the United States (or any other well developed country) to a “3rd world country” just ain’t gonna work. And then to try and make a living there? I know a few who do, but they own restaurants/hotels at the beach.

    I have been lucky, the last few years I developed a consulting business that I can run from just about anywhere with a good internet connection. It took a lot of risk, planning, but I got where I wanted to go. I count my blessings everyday. I currently live in a small beach town on Florida’s East Coast, so I’m getting closer to CR! My profile pic is from last week, we have some Pura Vida going on “up here”.


    so you don’t actually live here?? 🙂


    its a different experience coming down here for chunks of time

    in fact I am convinced if I stayed in NYC and just came here for 2 months at a time throughout the year I would probably be still walking around saying

    hey mai

    pura vida mai 🙂

    congrats on your consulting business

    i also own a online business that does pretty good.

    but a few years ago i owned a few brick and mortar biz here so i actually plugged into the system here for a few years

    gave me a whole new perspective on doing business


    Costa Rica has given me the opportunity to “learn to be still”, an achievement I formerly believed to be impossible. Living in the culture and among my Costa Rican neighbors has taught me that there is a sort of grace in patience and acceptance.

    I had hoped to be changed in many ways by this move, and have been, but the above were profound and unexpected gifts. Wow!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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