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    Hi, I tried contacting the Ship Costa Rica folks about a month ago and my message was returned. Today I tried to visit the website and they are no longer there! Does anyone know if they are still in business or if there is anything (suspect) I should know about? Any other recommendations for shipping companies? Thanks!


    Charles Zeller:
    Toll free from USA and Canada 1-866-245-6923

    Ship Costa Rica website is unavailable. Contact info for Barry Wilson (shipcostarica) can be found using the search option above.


    Charles Zeller continues to offer great service. One of the best about maintaining contact and actually answering emails and phone calls.


    Hi everyone,

    Arden at Ship Costa Rica here — sorry about the confusion and problems getting in touch. We ran into some trouble with our website guy and had to change over our hosting and email and the whole nightmarish process took much longer than we’d hoped. We’re back up and running just fine now with the website and emails.

    Dominique — I had answered you at the time of your inquiry last month so don’t know why you wouldn’t have gotten that. I’ll go back right now into my files and send it again. I’ve had this happen a few times before so maybe the old email server was more likely to get shunted off into junk or bulk mail? (Dunno, just guessing.) Anyway, we’re still here and certainly would be glad to help with your shipping.

    Arden Rembert Brink, Ship Costa Rica


    Yes, some people we know were happy with shipcostarica so I contacted them and heard nothing. I know their website had been hacked, looks like it hasn’t recovered completely.
    We shipped our household goods down several years ago with Charley Zeller and that went very well, we were pleased.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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