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    Early Sunday morning thieves broke into the school in Esterillos Oeste and completely cleaned out the computer learning center. Thieves made off with 17 computers, monitors, and other hardware.

    The computer learning center had been a God send to the community offering kids as well as adults opportunity many small communities just don’t have. The computers were purchased several years ago through a grant but sat unopened for nearly a year.

    Our friends Kurt and Kristi Raihn checked into their daughter attending the school when they first arrived a couple of years ago and the school principle asked if they knew how to use computers. Kurt was shocked when they walked into a new building that was built to house a computer learning center and saw 17 new computers and monitors still sitting in the boxes unopened.

    Kristi and my wife Kate volunteer teaching art classes and english classes at the school, while Kurt teaches a kids computer class as well as an adult computer class in the evenings. With school starting in less than two weeks, the instructors are left wondering how they will fill the gap.

    If anyone can help with a new or used computer or other assistance please contact Kurt and Kristi Raihn at 506-778-6004 or Dave and Kate Treadway at 506-778-7152.


    That is truly tragic! Both that the computers sat there for a year unopened and that they were then stolen…

    Please ask Kurt and Kristi to email me with some information and maybe a photo or two of the local school and we will feature their ‘plea for help’ in our newsletter.

    I don’t know if it will help but we can try …

    Scott Oliver – Founder


    Anyway to give a bit of cash through our individual credit cards here in the US? Also, could someone buy a unit online with Dell and have it arrive in CR without much of a problem with either shipping and/or import duty?

    Tom in Portland, Oregon

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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