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    With the approval of the road expansion to Puerto Limon I have a few questions. Will the additional 2 lanes be built to the right or the left of the existing lanes, or will they be constructed simultaneously on both sides, which I think would be more disruptive and more expensive. Will the additional lanes be paved with asphalt or the more expensive concrete which lasts longer? I understand that the German autobahns are constructed with concrete depths that are even better than American standards, but then I’m being too hopeful for Costa Rica even using concrete.
    Needless to say, at least the go ahead has been given, and the road will benefit the province of Puerto Limon and Costa Rica, as 80% of its exports and imports come from that province. Too bad Costa Rican labor will not be used, perhaps because if they do use C.R. laborers, it might take 6 years to build the road as opposed to the promised 42 months.


    The highway between Cañas and the Nicaraguan border, has being widened, using concrete, with the exception of bridges, and they are doing a great job. They have just passed Liberia, where all sorts of underpasses and overpasses are being built, which is quite confusing, right now.

    They have constructed right, left of the existing lanes, and simultaneously on both sides…:wink:… and removing the existing surfaces.

    Downside is that many thousands of beautiful trees were cut down in the process.:cry:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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