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    When will the road between Quepos and Dominical be paved?
    Now I just had a broker e-mail me and tell me July was the start date and that they were already moving dirt and the bridges were in place.
    Too bad I was just there last week and the bridge to Matapalo is still GONE! and the other bridges are still in the same broken down
    Everyone down there hopes it’s in our lifetime! Kenny >S


    Does anyone know the exact route that will (someday) be paved? I have heard it would be the road to Naranjito and Londres??


    Hey, we were driving to Manapalo in March and yes it was bad but also fun in a way with not having a bridge and driving thru shallow waters with rocks in it. We took pictures driving thru it but if 18 wheelers and big tour buses can do it so what. One at least have something to talk about it. But, serious I wish the CR government would finish this project so that one can drive at least 55 mph instead 15mph. One gringo “real estate agent” in Manapalo told me they are going to pave this year. But then again those guys tell you anything just to sell you an overpriced plot…..


    When I was there a month ago it seemed like it had at least been graded; it was really bad in March. My friend has property just before Matapalo and they are going to take the road off course a little and through his land; they have paid him for it and the surveyors were out there last time I was there and marked where the road is going. Some other friends of ours also sold the very bottom part of their lot so the road could be widened. I’m hoping these are signs that it will actually start happening soon.



    That is good news. At least some true news. As far as it being better..and graded……I was just there last week and it was as miserable as ever.
    Surveying is one thing but the actual construction is another.
    We will see. Kenny S>


    That is the most perplexing and nasty road I have ever traveled.

    It is said that the money has been available for several years now, but I have yet to see that much improvement.

    When I do travel the road, I always manage a stop at the “Bumpy Road Cafe” on the South side of the big river. I don’t know the river name, but it has a large one lane bridge.

    Bumpy Road Cafe has a very limited menu, but the atmosphere and peacefulness is terrific. There is an old man, about 180 by his appearance, who sits in his chair taking day long siestas at the home next door.

    This break is the only way to enjoy the nasty road.

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    It is perplexing; There is so much commerce that goes through there, tons of big rigs. I’ve been told the big rigs use that road even though it’s bad because otherwise they would have to go up to San Isidro and through San Jose and back west again, which takes a lot of gas. Every once in a while I’m told they get mad because of the condition of the road and block the bridges and shut it down. Doesn’t seem to have worked so far……I guess I’m not going to hold my breath that it will be done soon. FYI, it’s the Rio Sevegre.



    We heard that the reason the road does not get fixed is because the Palm oil plantations refuse to put any money into the road and they are the ones that will benefit most from it as well as cause the most wear. I guess the government and the plantation are at a stand off. I wouldn’t hold my breath!



    There is an article in AM Costa Rica this morning that says they are bidding out the four bridges that were washed away in last years floods; bids are due by 7/7.


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