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    As a (damn I’m getting old!!!)surfer for over 35 years I appreciate your article on “rip tides”.

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    This is a very preventable cause of death, but you have to be educated… especially in Costa Rica!

    Not fighting against the ocean currents is very hard to do as you are getting pulled out or under. But if you relax, go with the flow it will eventually release you. Being underwater is a very strange, scary feeling and even after just 10-15 seconds you can panic.

    Thanks Scott because it’s helpful even to an old salt like me!

    Also, even though some of us may disagree about politics, economics etc…on this forum, one thing for certain is we all love Costa Rica! Thanks for providing such a great emotional and financial site where we can learn, share and dream.

    This is the first website I recommend to anyone with an interest in Costa Rica and I have sent it to many!:)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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