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    When I read most posts on Costa Rica by ex-pats (hate that term), it makes me question whether so many are naïve or live a completely different life style than my wife and I enjoy, or are just begging for more immigrants. For example; one woman asked whether or not the cost of living is really that cheap. It is, if you are willing to live on rice and beans or rice gruel if things get tough. Yet, you can live relatively cheaply in the US if you are willing to live the ultra Spartan life style.

    One other observation; NOBODY ever, ever tells anyone that the postal system sucks and takes forever.

    Does anyone ever see a post telling an inquirer that the streets have no names or numbers? Do they say why and how that makes navigating from one town to another a nightmare? “Why, all you have to do is get on the highway heading north and in 25 km take the left exit. Go to the catholic church, then 50 meters to the old oak tree (which often is not there anymore) and it is the 3rd building on the left.” (hypothetical direction) but very much on the mark.

    I have noted some of the more blatant disadvantages, I know. But, hey, lets get real people. Don’t ruin someone’s life by producing so much disinformation.

    Costa Rica’s medical system is not “world class”.

    Now, I must say that my wife and I have gotten accustomed to these “downsides” I have mentioned. But we still have found and endured, persevered, paid our dues (big time) and we love our life here. I might add that we came here from Hawaii to experience a new adventure in our retirement. But when asked by friends about the various situations in Costa Rica, we tell it like it is. No glossy photo-shop touch ups.


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