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    Hola everyone! I will be visting Mal Pais in a couple of weeks and have been trying to research realestate in the area. I am a 50 something (ouch!) young man who enjoys surfing and mountain biking and like to be a bit outside the more developed areas. I am looking to perhaps purchase a house or some land to build on in the coming years. I will not retire for another 12 years or so but am looking to go between my lake arrowhead california home in the summer, to Costa Rica for the “winter”. I would also like to stay for a month or so each year until then.

    Any suggestions?


    P.S. I am reading Scott’s book as we speak.


    I love Mal Pais and the surf is quite good, not as intense as playa hermosa gets…but a lot of fun. We stayed at the bluebird lodge it’s owned by a very nice tico family. It’s a compound of cabins with screen walls for the most part. I looked at some property there just for fun and it is a little pricey(for my budget) most houses were $200k+++ and not a lot of land available. It’s a pretty small place but the road is so bad it can take 20 minutes to cover a kilometer.We purchased in playa hermosa(jaco) wanted to be close to the airport and other amenities when needed. I was hurt while in Nosara, it was late at night and we could not reach the doctor and it was a bit of an emergency. My girlfriend had to drive me too nicoya at 1am in a suzuki alto to the hospital, if you know nosara that is one hellish ride!. Eventualy we made our way to CIMA in S.J. which has some of the best facilities I’ve seen(and i’m from NYC). I can’t stress enough to consider the medical facilities in the area you purchase in.



    Thanks so much for the information. I am getting quite an education as I read up on real estate in CR. I was hoping that the land and houses would be a bit cheaper in the more hard to get to places like Mal Pais. Glad to hear the surf is fun because that was the main reason for my trip before getting into this real estate stuff.

    thanks again for the post.



    FYI: it’s the Bluejay lodge not Bluebird….sorry!


    Great advice lotus and I am sad to say that this is one factor that most people place at the bottom of the list when it should be near the top.

    “I can’t stress enough to consider the medical facilities in the area you purchase in.”

    I have people emailing me who have had major heart surgery and they tell me they want to live five hours from the nearest cardiac specialist, I don’t think this is sensible.

    Scott – Founder


    How is travel to/from Mal Pais during the wet season? I was just in CR and some of the roads we took to Mal Pais don’t seem like they’re above water during heavy rains… is the whole coastal area difficult to get to & from during the wet season?


    Yes that road into mal pais from the ferry would be very rough after any significant amount of rain. Even in the dry season I really think you should have a 4×4. I have driven down from Nosara as well and although it is a beautiful drive a 4×4 is required and it is only passable in the dry season. Not all of the coast is like this, from Jaco to Manuel Antonio there is a good paved road although there are a couple bridges as you near Manuel Antonio that are questionable if there are big rains.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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