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    Possibly looking to purchase land to build a retirement home in a few years. Will be coming to the area for a few weeks in oct. Does anyone know of a good contact person when we get there.? I have been researching online quite a bit, and did order Scott’s book(waiting for it to arrive)It seem the more I look the more confused I get about what area to look in!!! Would like to be close to the beach as are coming from Florida, but it seems that the west coast is pretty high.


    The best thing to do is come to Costa Rica, get to know people. I can get you in contact with people that have done what you are thinking of doing. They can give you some pointers. The book is a smart start.

    When we purchased our home we checked the history of the property got all the paper work and bill of sales the owner signed we signed and paid it was over.

    That does not happen in the US. So things are different. You come, enjoy the relaxed life then build your home.

    Everyone in the US moves at the, I got to do it today pace. That is not necessary, here you will learn to calm down and wait. If you don’t then you will not stay in Costa Rica very long.

    There are still good properties available, with great prices no matter what the hype says. Come on to Costa Rica the living is easy.


    Thanks for responding. Scott also sent me an email that my book is on the way and gave me a contact person. I would still love to hear any input that you have since i have read alot of your comments on this site. I can say that for myself that i don’t jump into anything without doing alot of research, and know that when my husband and I come down in oct. that we are going to try and stay for at least 3weeks. We have not finalized our itinerary at this time, but looked at a few places to stay. I will continue to look at posts on the board, and when the time gets closer to get in touch with your contacts.

    Sincerely, Debbie


    Hi Dh,

    My wife and I moved to Costa Rica in April of last year. On our first trip down 3 years ago we made it a point to visit both coasts. We spent time in Puerto Viejo and Cuhuita. We loved the area and look forward to going back. We met several people that live there and have cooresponded with them since. We could have bought property much cheaper on the Carribbean side. We spent time in the central valley and mountains, as well as time on the Pacific coast. The Pacific is more expensive, but several things weighed in our decision to move to the pacific side. There is better infrastructure on the pacific. Better phone, water, etc. and access to these utilities. The Pacific is much more easily accessible to larger towns and only about a 2 hour drive from San Jose, so is more accessible for any shopping you want to do there, medical facilities you may need, and closer access to the airport for trips you will be making or friends and family visiting. There are reputable people you can work with on both coasts. As Scott and everyone says, you have to do your homework and do your own due diligence because there are people out there that will not have your best interest in mind. We found a wonderful property on the Pacific side only 100 meters from the beach, at a very reasonable price, even though the asking price was quite high, we negotiated quite a bit. It really comes down to the details that are important to you and your wife and where you decide you will be the happiest. That is why we all come down here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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