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    I would also like everyone’s thoughts on the
    subject of mixed marriages in CR.
    Thanks, Jessica (from Texas)

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    There are more mixed marriages in Costa Rica. Costa Ricans are mixed with almost every race that has come here. There are, Chinese, Africans, Indians, Whites (a lot of European) the Costa Ricans are a beautiful example of a cross culture of peoples.

    The men are good looking and the women are beautiful. Now around the North Americans, those that I know will not care. Most of them are educated people that have travelled. In fact most people that have come here to live are looking to enjoy life.

    The stories about the problems of people from Limon are conflicting when you read stories written by foreigners and when you read the stories written by people who were born and raised in Limon.

    We went to Limon when we first came so we could be with black people, it is to hot and humid in Limon for me. It rains more there then it does anywhere I know of in Costa Rica. Property in that area is still not real expensive but it is hot and you do need airconditioning.

    Where are you planning to visit? Look at my web page one of the pages you will see our lawyer he is a Costa Rican black married to a Costa Rican white. We are friends of theirs and he never talks about not being accepted. You can meet them when you come. He has a successful business and he has never mentioned not being accetped because of his complexion.


    Jenny – We are so anxious to meet you. Please let me know how
    I can contact you by e-mail instead of on this board.
    You may contact me at Jessica

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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