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    Jenny – I deal with prejudice here in the US all the time,
    because my husband is black and I am white. He doesn’t really
    have as much trouble at his workplace because he’s been there
    so long. He had the attitude of “you don’t like it, tuff”.
    I, on the other hand, cannot be open because of past experiences.
    They don’t fire me, but make my life a living hell, so I end up
    quitting. I am in no way ashamed of my life, but I have had to
    keep this a secret from the job I have now.
    I am truly looking forward to retiring in CR with my husband.
    I understand that there will be prejudice, but a different kind.
    Thank you for your kind words. Hope to see you in a few weeks.
    We’ll be in CR from 2/20-3/15. God Bless you and Charles.
    Sincerely, Jessica (from Texas)

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    Jessica, Where are you going and have you rented a house yet? We may have one you can rent or put you in contact with someone. Costa Rica is a warm loving country, some areas people are more cordial then others. We have had to just unpack some of the feelings we had a home. Some junk you have to just throw away. I have found myself saying to myself not here it is not necessary.

    Costa Rica has it’s own problems and I am not really part of them, so why bring problems from one country into another. We have enjoyed our life here, of course we have had challenges. One for me is people trying to make me speak Spanish, that is so funny.

    When you come here you will not want to go home. There are so many advantages to living here. Somethings have changed in our country but a lot has not. We have a choice to bring them here or to leave them at the border. I hope we are included in your visit to Costa Rica. My husband and I just love people. When you love people you have to accept everyone, even the ones that don’t accept you.

    I’ve not been in your position and the types of problems you have experienced I can only imagine. It can not be one sided because I know many blacks would not like your husband being married to a person of another race. So you can get it both ways.

    Relax, we have friends that are just people who have come to Costa Rica looking forward to enjoying life. You will establish new relationships here, with people from many backgrounds and cultures. It is great, we love it.

    It is not heaven so of course there are difficulties but they are not black and white. Those types of difficulties exsist only if you refuse to unpack it at the customs entrance in the airport.

    My husband came here taking a lot of blood pressure medicine and his blood pressure was still high. After being here one month he started taking less blood pressure medicine and his blood pressure stays great. He checked his stress at the customs office. That is a choice.

    Look forward to your arrival.


    Jenny – unfortunately, I started planning this trip last April, so we have already pre-paid for a private residence in
    La Cruz for one week. Then, two weeks in a private residence in Lake Arenal. And, two days at Tabacon Hot Springs. We will drive all over
    and figure that we will have to stay in the area that we’re considering now (Grecia or San Ramon). My original thought was to retire in Lake Arenal, but that has changed. We want low humidity and cooler temperatures, which Lake Arenal can’t give us. We truly look forward to staying with you or just meeting both of you. I’m not sure how much notice we could give and being that it’s high season, you may be booked. It would only be for one night. God Bless you and Charles. Jessica

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