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    Can anyone suggest a location for grengos by the ocean. In fact I an looking to purchase property as ocean front or just off of the water.

    Where are to good locations for Grengos ocean property in Costa Rica


    I might be selling a ocean view property that I bought in Vista Estates…you can view the development at http://www.XXXXXXrealestate.com….
    contact me by e-mail if you like at pmxxxxll6@shaw.ca


    This is a discussion forum and not a place for you or anyone else to try and sell your Costa Rica real estate – the website you listed (before I deleted it) is obviously a real estate brokerage site.

    If you don’t in fact have a real estate agent already (and it would appear that you do), and would like me to recommend a trusted professional to help you sell your property (although I write extensively about real estate – I do NOT sell real estate personally) then please contact me

    Best wishes

    Scott – Founder


    There are two coasts in Costa Rica, the Pacific and the Caribbean so there’s a lot of ocean front property for sale.

    For the most part, the prices on the Pacific are significantly higher than the the Caribbean but what is the best area for YOU really depends on YOUR lifestyle rather than where you can find suitable land.

    For example your healthcare requirements: For most retired people, there is always a possibility of some health issues in the future and there are no comprehensive, first-class medical facilities on either coast…

    All the top-notch medical professionals and surgeons are in an around San Jose.

    If you lived in the Central Valley area (in and around San Jose) you would feel good knowing you are close to the best healthcare facilities not just in Costa Rica, but in the entire Central American region.

    You can see more at:



    Hi,Scott, do you have a space on the site for people to list property for sale by owner?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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