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    My girlfriend REALLY wants to see Cancun/ Hawaii type water.
    I explained that CR is really not like that but can anyone recommend a place or an area where the beaches and water are as I described.
    I usually head to Cancun or Hawaii for insane water and CR for wildlife adventure and jungle fun.
    she wants both……..so I need to inquire.

    That coupled with the fact that the beachfront is not owned by the resorts so they are even more “not like cancun”.
    Any good spots?? thanks , kenny S


    But what exactly does that mean? “Cancun/Hawaii type water?”

    People come here because it’s Costa Rica and to see what Costa Rica has to offer…

    If she wants crazy water, maybe you could put her on one of those white knuckle, white water rafting trips … Please send the photos to me 🙂

    Why don’t you suggest that since you’re paying for this trip and you know Costa Rica quite well, that you get to surprise her and choose where you go in Costa Rica and then for the next trip to Hawaii, she can pay and organize everything. I think Hawaii is a bit more expensive no?

    Scott Oliver – Founder


    o.k. maybe a better explanation is in order.
    Imagine meeting your better half….. a person who has dreamt of visiting exotic locales, hiking great spots and enjoying that blue green cancun type water we all see in photo’s.
    But……they have never had someone to facilitate those dreams…….until now.
    So…….you mention Costa Rica because you’ve been there a bunch and know your way around………..and understand that Costa Rica is more about a total experience than any one beach.
    But…….now you need to convey that message to your new love …….a travel rookie. Get it?
    So…….with romance and adventure in mind……I’m looking for the best options for great beaches, water and adventure in Costa Rica.
    I KNOW adventure in Costa Rica……….trust me….BUT it’s not a couples adventure so I’m learning a bit myself.
    So I’m looking for those exceptional spots to stay in Costa Rica to avoid “oh! You should have went here!” when I get back.
    Thanks Kenny


    I think the only place in Costa Rica you will get that “water” is on the Carribean side. I just don’t know of any places to stay there that are say similar to Si Como No, Villa Caletas or xandari. I just love C.R. and happen to surf, I have not seen many people on the beaches in C.R. the way you do in Hawaii or Cancun though. I think if you take your lady to C.R. start at http://www.xandari.com spend a few nights in one of there villas overlooking Alejuela, do some yoga and get some body treatments and tour the central valley towns. Then head to the pacific and stay at either Xandaris new hotel in Esterillo or Villa Caletas then head to Manuel Antonio tour the beautiful park and explore the secluded beaches. Two nice places to stay are Si Como No or Makanda by the sea. This beats old Cancun anytime! My girlfriend loved Aruba, Carribean etc…untill I took her to C.R. now shes even surfing! Boy I sound like a travel agent lol.


    Try ylang ylang resort in Motezuma. It’s right on the beach with beautiful grounds, 2 waterfalls in the area to hike to and take a day trip to tortuga for snokelling & picnic on the beach.



    Here’s a suggestion:

    Say “Oh yeah honey it’s just like Hawaii”. Then get on with your plans. 🙂

    Seriously, there is good diving on the Pacific side. Why not plan a Dive trip?

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    The beach at Ylang ylang looks very inviting along with being able to visit Tortuga island.
    That and ………I’ve never been down that far on the Nicoya peninsula.
    I’d almost like to take the whole drive around to the resort instead of the ferry.
    Any problems not having a/c in the bungalows?
    Hmmmmmm……….they are right on the beach which is excellent!
    Thanks………now I have to choose between villa caletas and ylang ylang. Darn! Kenny S


    Just a thought…thinking of your girlfriend…I would try for a place with air conditioning for this first trip. It gets pretty hot and humid on the beaches. She may be very uncomfortable unless she’s used to humidity.


    Well……. I’m sure it’s tolerable otherwise how would the place exist or get great reviews.
    One thing that does bother me is that you cannot park a vehicle at the resort.
    you park in town at a restaurant?
    Anyone done this and how is it?
    Sounds interesting. Kenny S>


    Kenny- The people that own “ylang ylang”also own “el sano banano” a hotel in town. You can park on the street across from the el sano and they will drive you back and forth to ylang, ylang. The walk is only about 20 mins. or so so it’s really not bad either way. I was there for New Year’s 2yrs. ago and had to stay in town as they had a five night minimum at ylang ylang for Xmas week and we were only staying for 4. I can’t really comment on the bungalows etc. as I haven’t stayed in one. We did look at the bungalows and the other rooms and the beach suites were kind of interesting. They’re two floors and the loft on the second floor is open to the ocean and has a king bed. If you look at the slide show you’ll see the 3 story building with 3 beach rooms on the first floor and the 2nd. and 3rd. story suites above. There’s much more room than a couple would need but it’s a nice set-up.

    Anyway we spent all our time at ylang ylang as we had full use of facilities and it’s very, very nice. I am definitely going back and will skip the in town accomodations.

    If you have any other questions I’d be happy to try and answer them.

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