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    Tom that was as usual for you a great article < > and very informative all backed up with facts about building technique.

    You bring up a very good point about condominium ownership and the responsibility of the elected condo board to use the c.c. fee’s to maintain the building once it is handed off to them. Of course in new construction a builder is and should be responsible for any mistakes made during the construction process and a reputable builder will correct these mistakes. Then it is up to the condo board to hire a competent managing agent to oversee the ongoing maintenance of the buildings.

    So buyers of a condominium unit in Costa Rica should ask the builder who will see to this after construction is finished. I have not read anything about management company’s in CR but obviously they do exist? Here in NYC a building hires a management company and the that company will assign a agent to that particular building.

    These people are often folks with experience in construction and building maintenance and work in conjunction with the building super and condo/co-op board to keep the building maintained. The managing agent will hire the outside contractors necessary to do work on elevators, exterior maintenance, heating and cooling systems etc.. Also the building is responsible for damage caused by any thing that goes wrong inside the walls, but if your tub overflows because you forgot to turn it off or your floors are damaged because you left a window open then you must pay(or your homeowners insurance).

    Things can also get sticky if your upstairs neighbor leaves his tub to over flow damaging your apartment…then who pays? So Tom brings up a very good point that we have not discussed here yet besides a competent builder you then need a competent managing agent maintaining the building in the years to come, and with the harsh weather conditions in CR this is vital business.

    It seems CONCASA is a very reputable builder at that….


    There are two sides to every story…

    One of our VIP Members was quite vehement with his negative comments about this project in our forum – that thread was deleted yesterday at this person’s request – but I had lunch with another VIP Member last week (see the article and his online video here ) who is thrilled with his CONCASA apartment.

    He told me that many of the owners were unhappy with the “extremely confrontational” manner in which the first man was complaining…

    So if the gringo thought that he was “extremely confrontational” one can only imagine how the Ticos and the Tico management staff felt… Ticos are NOT remotely confrontational.

    We must maintain our homes and buildings so that they are in tip-top condition and able to withstand the rain and that “stunning sunshine” that Costa Rica is famous for.

    At the end of the day, when problems did occur – which they often do – it has become apparent that CONCASA has acted in a very responsible manner which can only add to their reputation as the most trustworthy developer of very affordable apartments (all under $100K) in Costa Rica.

    Scott Oliver – Founder

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