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    I love Nosara, and highly recommend it. Beautiful Boutique hotels , great food, and great surf with white sand beaches you can walk on without burning your feet. In Nosara there is no development within 200 meters of the ocean. It is a National Park and Wildlife Refuge. If you want a more placid bay then Samara and Carrillo are the place.


    Reviewing the thread, no one mentioned Playa Del Coco. A quiet fishing village by day and a party town by night. Many diving, sailing, fishing tour operators –quite safe with good infrastructure and some shopping. you are only approx. 30min from Liberia (shopping) and one hour away from many attractions –thermal springs, zip lines, secluded waterfall (lanos de Cortex) and every colour sand beach you can dream of: coco is golden brown fine sand, Playa penca is fine white, Ocotal is “salt and pepper” and Paz Vela is black (makes you think you are in Hawaii.
    Bottom line is as always –it depends what you enjoy …for someone’s desires are definitely not another’s treat (or something along that line 🙂
    We enjoy coco because of all the above. It is a little town that has come a long way over the past few years. I will be there enjoying a cold Imperial on the beach.


    One thing that keeps the Samara/Nosara area from being complete is the absoltley terriblle Caja hospital in Nicoya and the overall lack of medical care.

    I went there for an emergency (kidney stone) and they had no bed and the place was hardly full. They gave me a drip with toridol and saline solution. Look, this is how I played it: if you are going to be in pain or uncomfortable its best to be at home rather than a stark barebones facility that seemed to be uncaring and completely unorganized. The bathroom was gross gross gross. So I can only imagine that the rest of the hospital was equally dirty.

    I doubled down on pain meds and yea I drove 7 hours back to san jose half way nodding out in sever and barley tolerable pain. I force drank liters of water and stopped several time to nod off. I was desperate or I would have never risked my life and that of others. Desperate people do desperate things. What a nightmare.

    This was not my first stone so I knew what to expect. That is why I knew I could make it home.

    However, if it was someones first experience with a kidney stone, well it feels as if you are going to die of blunt wide pain. My first time I was horrified.

    I can only hope to never imagine someone passing a stone in that area of the nicoya.

    A great place to vist but don’t have an emergency there!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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