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    CR Curious

    I am considering moving to Costa Rica. I have multiple sclerosis (MS) but have had no relapses for the last ten years since I started taking the MS drug Zinbryta. I’m afraid that if I stop taking the drug, my MS would relapse. Would Costa Rica health insurance (caja) cover MS medications and MRI’s? I have read that the private, supplemetary insurances available in Costa Rica don’t cover pre-existing conditions, so caja looks like my only option. I would be very grateful if someone with MS would share their experience with health insurance.


    You will only be covered by CAJA once you have received your [i]cedula[/i] after your residency has been finalized, but realize that this could take a year or more. Seeing specialists through the CAJA system can take [i]many[/i] months…or even years.
    Premiums are approx. double for those under 55.
    CAJA will do a complete workup on you, before issuing you a Rx. but may not provide Zinbryta, but a generic equivalent.

    In the meantime to get an Rx here, you would have to make an appointment with a specialist who will perform his own tests in regards to your condition. However, your Rx may be available ‘over the counter’.

    If mobility could be an issue for you, Costa Rican sidewalks are known to be ‘less than optimal’ …read ‘bad’… and wheelchairs use the road.:shock:

    CR Curious

    Thank you! Appointments with specialists take many months in the USA, as well. I am under 55, and not in a wheelchair, but I might find myself in one if I can’t get the specialized medication that has blocked the progression of my disease. MS drugs are not even remotely over-the-counter. If there’s anyone with MS on this forum, I’d love to hear from you. 😀

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