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    Hello, all.

    I have read a lot on this forum and others about moving a household to Costa Rica, hiring a moving company in Costa Rica, arranging for a “container” for shipping all of your furniture and household goods, etc. Very interesting. But it really doesn’t apply to my situation.

    At the time I will move to Costa Rica, I will have a bed, a desk, a bookcase, a drop-leaf dining table, a dresser, a couple of chairs, maybe 5 boxes of stuff, and a few loose items. Altogether, less than 10% of a container.

    Not enough to rent a container, but too much to carry as luggage.

    So, what do you suggest for this situation?

    Hmmm… come to think of it, I know a guy who has an ocean-going cabin cruiser, about 30′. Could I load my stuff on the boat, sail down to Puntarenas, hire a truck to move my stuff, etc.? Is that an option?

    Any help here would be hot.




    I’ve heard if you have less than about 500 lbs. it might pay to ship it air freight. Another option might be to share a container with someone who isn’t too far from you and is going in your time frame.




    Thank you for your reply. I have learned that there are “freight consolidator” companies, that arrange for a shipping container to be shared by several people moving to the same place at the same time with less than a full container of stuff. This sounds like the best option for me.

    Thanks again,



    Jasman – I empathize with your position, but please allow me to share my opinion.
    My good friends Neta and Arbel moved to CR with 2 suitcases and 2 legal boxes and a computer. They have lived there for 4 years and only have one regret regarding the quantity of ‘stuff’ they brought…
    They said they brought too much stuff!!!
    After seeing what they did, I returned home with a new outlook on ‘taking it all with me.’ I started to clear out my bookcases, throwing away, trading into the used bookstore, sharing many of my beloved books with friends, etc. I cleaned out the garage, some closets, etc.
    I started to realize that I had so much ‘stuff’ with which I had some kind of emotional attachment, or had kept for some future use and never actually did use.
    All of a sudden and within a few weeks I had literally ridded myself of 2/3 of my bookcase volume and had more closet space than ever in my life.
    Of the remaining books, some I am skimming, some I am still holding on to, but I know that ultimately I’ll mostly pass them on to someone who wants to acquire more stuff, freeing me up of the clutter!
    This mindset is a big switch for me because all my life I have conditioned myself to think that more is better, or more books means I look smarter or someone or such crapola. With things like books I am discovering that it is a terrific gift to give a book away which has given me such enjoyment. Besides, most of them are still available to buy used on Amazon!
    BTW, I am talking about books, but really, I am also talking about bicycles, boating equipment, collections of little cars, still working but old appliances like an old VCR and a microwave and even a vaccuum cleaner!!!
    With the good stuff, I am about to consult EBAY!!!!
    I guess I found that stuff about ‘home being where the heart is’, and such has made me realize that when I make the move to CR I will have very little to take with me, because in CR, everything I need is available there.
    My friends Chandler and Anna became ‘perpetual tourists’ about 12 weeks ago, and took with them 4 enourmous checked suitcases and 2 massive carryons. I have visited them in CR since and even they realize now that they ‘overpacked.’ They sent me home with one of their big cases empty, so that if there is anything they need me to bring to them in February I can fill it up for them, but so far, they haven’t sent me any list.
    They have found that they pretty much took with them all of their clothes, not knowing what to expect, and only use a small amount of what they took with them.
    I have the feeling that I am going to return next time with a full suitcase of their ‘extra’ stuff.
    When they got there, they bought a few pieces of furniture they needed and spent less for it than shipping it would’ve cost.
    With all this in mind, I look forward to relaxing my mental grip on the ‘clutter’ and within a few years when it is time for us to move full time, my storage unit here will be quite small and the baggage I go with will be quite small.
    Good luck if you attempt this ‘new’s years resolution’ style change. All I can say is that I am quite proud of the fact that my weekly garbage pick-up seems to get bigger and bigger. It’s a very liberating feeling every Tuesday morning!!!


    Moving to Costa Rica is a HUGE transition for most people. It’s also an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate and simplify your life.

    Say goodbye to the old world, to many of your old material attachments and you’ll be far more capable, willing and FREE to accept the riches of a new life in Costa Rica.

    Scott Oliver
    Founder –


    I think Jim missed the point. No style change needed. I have totally let go of 95% of my material possessions, and when I move to Costa Rica I will be moving with a duffelbag (ALL of my remaining clothing) and a couple of suitcases full of small personal items, my computer, and a few “valuables.” I’ll use M-bags to ship all of my books and DVDs. The only things I want to hang onto to ship to CR are about 5 relatively bulky items with very high sentimental value and which are irreplaceable (and not available at ANY price in Costa Rica).


    moving soon myself…what is a M-bags…I will bring a large duffel bag type case plus computer but from this info I may be able to have some things sent upon my arrival.. any help
    terry from texas


    Go to your local post office to find out about M-Bags (Media Bags). I think the rate is about $1 to $1.50 per pound, each bag can hold up to 50 pounds. But there are strict restrictions on what you can ship that way. It has to be “media”, books, tapes, dvds, magazines, etc. NO personal correspondence or any other kinds of property.

    Edited to correct: originally said $1.00 to $1.50 per bag. NO, it’s that amount per pound. Sorry.

    Edited on Jan 20, 2006 05:50


    I may have. It now looks like you are ahead of me in ‘letting go’ of all the normal crap. CONGRATS!!! I guess with what’s left, take it with you!!!! And, Buena Suerte!!!


    My plans are for a move to Costa Rica in 2-3 years. In the last 2 years to date, I have made one word part of my thought processes in everything that I do with my daily lifestyle:


    Use of the word has been working well for me and I will never lose it’s meaning or use. It was difficult for the first few months and I still deal with not buying what I see. I am truly happy now.

    Practice what I have in place and you too will see a markeable difference in your general life style and your attitude, as you prepare for the great country of Costa Rica.

    Bill Maes


    Anyone who wants to learn just about everything there is to know about simplifying, letting go of material “stuff” and living a simple, frugal life, I would suggest you check out That’s where I first learned about Costa Rica, as our old buddy Lair Davis was a member there for awhile, and that’s where we met.

    And now for some blatant self-promotion. If you would like to know more about my situation, go here:


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    I had to laugh out loud when I read “furniture”. One thing I learned… when I bought my place in CR, I got a whole living room full of bamboo furniture for what it would cost to ship a couch here. Well built stuff, too.

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