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    We just returned from beautiful Costa Rica. All the good things we heard about George and his tour are true. We got a non stop monologue for four days as we traveled around and met many informative people. George is very knowlrgable and we could never have learnd as much in a short time by ourselves as we did traveling with Geoge. His tour bus was comfortable, the meals were great, and the accomodations comfortable. I doubt I spent $10 cash in 4 days. Everthing was included. If you really want to know about living in Costa Rica his tour is unparralleled. Thanks Geoge. Bob and Kathy Mellen


    You can see the one and only (and he’s definitely a unique human being) George in a free online video we did with him at [ ]

    George Lundquist is one of Costa Rica’s national treasures…

    Scott Oliver – Founder


    Well said Bob


    I also was just on a Lundquist tour. Mine was in mid-January. I just want to let members know that George’s tour is NOT an easy-going, relaxed vacation. George dragged us from one building site to another. We saw cleared plantels where I wouldn’t think a building could be erected, then we visited completed homes on similar plots to see what is possible at what prices. There was constant discussion about cost per square meter to build a home to one’s tastes.

    We spoke with various professionals (an attorney, real estate agents, developers, a dentist,a hospital (CIMA) representative). We visited government offices in Puriscal. We viewed the Concasa model condominium and visited with apartment renters in Puriscal. George was always pushing us because he wanted to show us more and we were always behind schedule. It was brutal, By the end of the tour, I felt like I was beaten up in a bar. This is not an enjoyable excursion.

    It is also essential for anyone who is interested in moving to Costa Rica. If you go on George’s tour, be prepared to learn a LOT about how things work in Costa Rica. I’ve been to the land of Pura Vida five times before and I learned more on this trip than I had in all the previous ones put together. If you decide to take George’s tour, don’t pack swimming trunks or sandals. Bring a good pair of hiking boots. The old guy’s a mountain goat. He’ll leave you in the dust.

    I want to add one more thing. My 92-year-old mom accompanied me on this trip. Of course she couldn’t handle the treks to and from the more isolated building sites, so she waited on George’s new bus with a good book while I trudged around the new constructions. George always made sure that Mom was comfortable.


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