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    I remember the first time we flew into Liberia, it was raining quite hard. The terminal was like a big steel barn with customs and car rental people set up at like card tables. But he funniest part was as our bags circulated on the baggage belt they would make a trip outside and this part was not covered. So everything was rained on as it circulated around! Lol…Welcome to Costa Rica!!


    There are improvements coming ‘algun dia’ as you can see from the La Nacion airport article at …

    When these improvements will be completed is anybody’s guess…

    Scott Oliver


    The Liberia airport will be (like Scott said) undergoing improvements to modernize the terminal, and with a proposed private concession, it will be as modern or even more modern than the San Jose airport in the near future. (I cross my fingers for that since I fly into Liberia more often than San Jose). But, all in due time…


    We got to fly the first nonstop Delta flight LIR to LAX on Dec. 16 2006. They had champagne, food (unheard of at LIR), a band, all the press. It was soooo cute! Delta has continued with flights 204 and 205 nonstop once per week and I hear American may be flying that route, nonstop, soon, also. What about Taca? When do they plan to fly into LIR? Anyone know? I hope Liberia continues to feel more like a fruitstand than an international airport, but the convenience of nonstop flights is so nice.


    I remember my first time landing at the Daniel Oduber (Liberia) Airport. They didn’t even have a conveyor belt for the luggage. We stood in an open room while the baggage was off-loaded. The baggage was placed into the center of the room along with all the surf boards. dog kennels and the rest of the stuff that people were hauling down from the States. Then it was a mad dash climbing over all this stuff to find your own luggage. It was a very slow process. And this was only three years ago. The airport is a model of efficiency as compared to then even if the conveyor belt sound like it’s about to croak at any second. However, that’s what makes Costa Rica so charming. Just last month we were greeted in the terminal by a giant grasshoper. Pura Vida!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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