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    Does anyone know how to I subscribe to La Nacion (in Spanish) and have it sent to my home in Oregon? I haven’t found a way by going on their web site. Thasnks Bob


    I don’t think they deliver the newspaper outside of the country and if they did it would A: Probably cost you $5 per day with shipping and B: You would receive them two weeks after they were published.

    Why not just read it online every day for free?

    Scott Oliver – Founder


    Doc Bob,

    Of course, Scott’s advice is gold, as is usual. However, if you really prefer to hold paper in your hand, here’s how I located it: at the bottom of the left column is a box labeled “Qienes Somos” and one entry is “Preguntas Frequencia.” Number 16 of the frequently asked questions is How can I subscribe to the daily in paper. They provide a link but that’s as far as I took it. You can check out the site, if you like.

    Are you thinking of using the paper as a way to brush up your Spanish skills? I think I will go back and check the subscription site. If they have a Sunday delivery option, I might sign up.



    Doc Bob

    I went back to La Nacion and clicked on the link. It opened an e-mail page and offered no new information; just a way to contact the subscription department. I’m heading down to Grecia soon and am too busy now to follow up right now. I’ll contact them when I return in September. If you’re still interested in the info, I’ll let you know what I learn after I get back. If you decide to check it out yourself, I’d appreciate your letting me know what the subscriptions fees are


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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