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    Great map Scott and very exciting getting a package from C.R.. I poured over the whole thing dreaming of being there and seeking out new places to visit.


    Glad you liked the map, we’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from our VIP Members about that map…

    While you’re here, what other products do you think we should be trying to sell…. I gotta’ get this site making a little bit of money.

    Taking off the Google advertising hurt.

    Scott Oliver – Founedr


    Hard to say…but I will be ordering some of that coffee soon! I have to say I did’nt mind the google ads…actually liked them and knew they were “ads” not endorsed by you. I did find it interesting to open a few up and see the “good, bad and ugly” so to speak. put um back up mate, you deserve a few extra quid!


    I have to add my compliments to those extolling this outstanding map. I’ve been collecting Costa Rica maps for a few years now, and have a pretty good collection. However this is the best of the bunch. In fact, just saying this map is the best damns it with faint praise. No other map shows so many secondary roads or roads which need four wheel drive during the rainy season. I’m buying a second map to take on my next CR excursion. The first one is hanging on the wall for quick reference.




    Try as I might, I can not find any plain and simple photgraphs of Costa Rica subjects.
    I would love to have some professionally done, nicely framed shots for decorating my Playa Bejuco vacation home. They would also make great gifts. Ecotourism shots of wildlife, shots of the volcanoes, and awesome vistas across the land and coastal area.
    If you have a web-page offering the work of a single photog, you could make him/her famous (or at least recognizable).



    If your looking for images of Costa Rica check out Fotalia.com

    You can download photos for as little as US$1 per image.

    The site allows amateur photographers looking for 5 minutes of fame to download their work and is very good value. I have used it several times for client presentations.


    I wish i can say the some but eventually will arriveto me in down under hardly wait antonic


    Editer & Scott,
    I agree that it is a great map and will be getting another to hang on my wall as well. The one that I have is getting a lot of use already as we are planning our first trip in July. I have found many places that other maps do not have. There are a lot of homes that we want to look at in villages that are only on this map and some are on well travel roads.
    Thanks Scott for making them availible.
    Art Edwards

    BTW- I’ll be ordering another CD at the same time.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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