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    What is your opinion on the JARDINES DE ENSUENOS project? Would you recommend it or not? Did you check it out when you were in Jaco looking at the other project you mentioned? Your thoughts would really be appreciated!


    I have not visited this project. It’s my understanding that nothing has actually happened yet anyway.

    As you know my primary goal is to show you “blue chip” real estate investments from EXPERIENCED real estate developers with PROVEN experience in delivering a high QUALITY product in Costa Rica.

    This project may eventually be superb – I have no idea – but they are going to have a LOT of very stiff competition over the next couple of years.



    Scott you also visited the Concasa site and nothing has happened there either other than put up a sign and sales office much the same as we have done. I would like to point out a simple fact of construction just because you don’t see action on the site does not mean that things are not happening. There is a lenthy approval process (here as in any other country) involving the engineering & architectural and planning stage to go through before you start putting a shovel in the ground especially if you choose to do so legally. All perspective buyers do at this stage is place a deposit in escrow until construction starts on their unit. This hardly puts them at risk to say the least!!! As Scott has said as well as others on this forum have pointed out Jaco is changing drastically what it has been is most certainly not what it will be. On the concept of rental your probability of having good occupancies are governed on two issues quality of living and price. Contrary to what other posters have said here the premium hotels of Jaco have high occupancies it is the older cheap surfer ones that do not. On the issue of quality of living many people that come to Costa Rica are not looking to spend their time in a cheaply built concrete jungle apartment and with that client and view in mind is how we came up with the Jardines concept. Reality is that this concept has no other competition in Jaco. It most certainly is not Concasa or One Jaco Place just look at the densities, designs and locations not to mention pricing. $2,583 – $4,053 a square meter stuck out on the highway 2kms away listening to heavy trucks go by your doorstep hardly compares to being a short strole to the beach from a quiet neighbourhood at $1,400 a square meter. Yes our land cost us a great deal more!!! LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! Lifestyle and design have everything to do with occupancies and when the owner is able to make a good return at hotel unit rental rates $91 – $144 a night has everything to do with the quality of the investment and probability of making a good return. To point out one issue with one of the posters all property here includes balcony or patio area hence why we did the same to keep the comparables equal.


    Yes the land is purchased and the permitting process is moving forward however be aware that this takes months to do which we are still in the process of but when we do have those permits we will be starting construction immediately as no doubt the other competition will do as well.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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