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    My wife and I just returned from a 4 day trip to Bocas de Toro Island in Panama. We wanted to do it on a budget so we did ground transportation the whole way. We were able to catch a bus in Jaco on the pacific side of Costa Rica and through a series of cab, buses, and eventually the water taxi we made it to Bocas that same evening, all for about $47 for both of us.


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    We plan to go to Bocas next week, so I was hoping to see the report of your trip, but the link ( doesn’t seem to work. Could you, please re-check it?

    The info I could find on Internet info about where the bus to Panama departs from and when is contradicting, so I’d really appreciate if you could provide the correct info. We’ll be leaving from San Jose.

    Thank you,

    P.S. this is the best article I found so far:
    By Bus:
    There are two buses, one from Limon (departs with intervals of 2 hours) that ends at the border (Sixaola). The other, from San José that cross the border and ends at Changuinola. This bus (Transporte Bocatoreño) departs from the same terminal as Panaline, in San Jose, at 10:00 am daily.
    To reach Bocas there are also two ways, through Almirante or through Finca 63.
    To go to Almirante from Sixaola you can take a taxi ($15) or a bus ($1), or taxi ($5) to the Changuinola bus terminal, and here a bus to Almirante ($1 – 45 minutes).
    At Almirante take a marine taxi ($3 – 30 minutes) to Bocas.
    To go to Finca 63 (10 minutes away from Changuinola) you can take a bus ($0.50) or a taxi ($1). At Finca 63, take a marine taxi (Bocas Marine Tours $ 5 – 45 minutes) to Bocas.
    To return to San Jose by bus, Transporte Bocatoreño departs every day at 10:00 am from the buses terminal in Changuinola.

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