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    Hello There-

    I’m a US teacher living here in San Pablo Heredia. I have been working for a very large school here for almost one year now. There is sooooooo, much to tell but the main problem is that I’m being terminated as a form of retaliation for something another US teacher did. Meaning, they are firing me because they are upset by something another US teacher did when she sued the school for wrongful termination. Also, they are refusing to pay me what is due to employees being fired. Additionally, I have been an excellent teacher with no record of wrong doings so they can’t even claim I was a bad teacher. My students and parents love me! I would love to speak to someone soon as they will terminate me without pay on June 23rd. Oh, and there are so many twists and turns regarding this schools illegal activities, it will make your head spin! Please reach out when time allows.



    You need to contact the local Labor Court. Read the info here, https://costaricalaw.com/costa-rica-legal-topics/labor-law/labor-law-in-a-nutshell/ who will work for you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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