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    i hav found the listing thanks for the help


    There are a number of real estate agents who are recommended on this site. If you go to the home page, look for a listing along the left side of the screen.

    That said, I’ve often cautioned folks in your position not to trust anything you’re told by anyone. Don’t trust Scott. Don’t trust those he recommends. And certainly don’t trust me.

    If you find a property or a home that you like, stop listening to the real estate agent and the seller immediately.

    Do all [u]your own[/u] “due diligence”. That is, check every last detail for yourself. Have your [u]own attorney[/u] check all the legal matters. Then maybe get a second legal opinion to verify the first.

    Have [u]your own[/u] survey done even if you’re buying a home in an established subdivision. Don’t take anyone’s word for what the boundaries are.

    Go to the utility companies and [u]verify for yourself[/u] that electricity, water, telephone, cable TV, Internet access, etc are available, if these are important to you.

    And don’t take anyone’s word for what it’ll cost to build. Costs vary enormously here, as they do everywhere else. The only numbers that matter are (1)what the builder of your choice bids for the home you want and (2)what you can afford to pay. And be certain to get a highly detailed listing of what is and what is not included in any price. Without that understanding, any “cost” number is meaningless.


    And MAKE SURE you can tolerate BUGS. LOTS of BUGS…..


    [b]mtr1000[/b] take the time to look around, but only look!
    Don’t purchase [b][i]anything[/i][/b] until you have visited a few times, and checked out various areas.
    And if the realtor tells you that [i]everyone[/i] is now purchasing property here, don’t believe him or her!
    Take off the rose colored glasses and see what is really here and see if it what you want.
    It is so easy to buy…and so hard to sell.


    Great feedback here…

    And I can confirm with 100% certainty in communicating with Realtors around the country that “everyone” is NOT purchasing here right now…

    The interest in buying real estate in Costa Rica has increased slightly but this year has been extraordinarily quiet.

    Scott Oliver- Founder


    I’ve heard my friend freddy Quirros name A time or 2 he on the list?
    I’ve seen him in action,sent people to him and heard pretty much all good things.
    A young costarican kid that thinks and acts well beyound his years.


    [quote=”Scott”]Great feedback here…

    The interest in buying real estate in Costa Rica has increased slightly but this year has been extraordinarily quiet.

    Scott Oliver- Founder[/quote]

    It feels as if we are all in some kind of transition period here and most other places. We are holding back, waiting, mostly unsure as to how this economic and environmental change will shake out. I fear we are living in what the Chinese called “interesting times”.


    I could easily write a littl dity on how there are practically no legitimate tradmarked realtor practicing real estae in Costa Rica, but instead I decided to write about seeing the real Costa Rica, anyones own personal Costa Rica so maybe those coming here leave thier own personal US behind. This is for Sprite and Lotus:

    “it was the best of times and it was the worst of times”
    Dickens –

    The above is a personal decision. It depends on your values.

    So my values are in line with my Costa Rica experience. Less ambitious = More time to live.

    Take a walk outside and have a look. You may be surprised at what you find. What you find can be dynamic beautiful weather, interesting circumstance and endless Tico entertainment (as Scott [u]witnessed[/u]), the drama of chisme, the challenging cultural ride, and most of all you can find time to be, time to live and:

    Time to live during the journey of realizing the difference between wants and needs. Costa Rica reveals that – if you get out and in it.

    When you are immersed in the city or campito the basic common life denominators are more visible – if you are looking. And that is my point. Are you looking at all and if so what are you looking FOR.

    Rather than looking, try to see what you are witnessing in your life.

    witnessing = admiration.

    To witness requires time spent witnessing, admiring. That means less time spent looking / ambition. WHEN YOU WITNESS THERE IS NO SEARCHING, NO LOOKING. You find everything immediately.

    Less ambition means more time witnessing and the savings of not having to spend time maintaining the products of one’s ambition. That means more time witnessing, being involved in the immediate Costa Rica that surrounds you. Crocodiles, Monks, Lawyer Juan Carlos, the river or coffee fields, clouds. People.

    It´s the lucky ones who get to witness their own personal Costa Rica; however, it is the lucky ones who get to witness any where, rather than partaking in perpetual looking society in any country.

    So next time you go outside to take a look. You might be surprised at what you witness (see). If you witness then you will need to LOOK no further or farther.

    When you witness you learn the question that REVEALS THE ANSWER.

    Thus ends Carlos Castaneda’s Journey to the Island of Costa Rica / 101

    Witnessing in Rica, answers are revealed by the moment.

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