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    I read that you must have workmans comp or face having to pay the medical bills of any worker hurt while working on your home or property. That the CCSS will bill you directly. And if a worker dies while working on your property you will be liable to pay his children a pension until the age 18 or 25. My understanding is that when buying a comprehensive home plan risk is included. Is this information correct?

    This was from an INS insurance represenative.

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    Is this just during home construction or it is part of any homeowner’s policy? Workmen’s Comp was required during the construction of my house, but I was not aware that it was something I must carry post-construction. I was not planning to carry homeowner’s insurance once I am permanenly ensconced in CR.


    According to the article I read by an INS insurance agent you need this coverage if anyone is going to be working for you. Even if you have someone come prune your trees for a day, if that person gets hurt you may have some problems depending on the severity of the injury. I guess like all insurance its about risk/reward, I was hoping for some insight on this from people living there, David?

    You may be able to find the article on http://www.costaricainsite.com just a vacation guide I found in some restaurant, the print version is Edition 8, Volume 1 2006


    We’ve built two houses, and in order to get building permits we had to demonstrate having workers’ comp insurance bought from INS. But to the best of my knowledge, that coverage was only for the construction.

    We have had a lot of site work done by local men. All of it has been arranged by a single individual who, I’m told, pays the workers as if they were employed by his father’s company. So we’ve not addressed the issues of workers’ comp, social security, etc. directly.


    Sounds like if you have a company providing workers that are insured the workers are covered by there employer. But if you have an Individual Tico doing yard work etc..you may need coverage incase he/she gets hurt while working for you. Something to look into as the implications of what I read are a bit scary if something was to happen. Thanks for the input David.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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