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    As most of us gringos, or half gringos like myself who remembers the past, recollect that our coins had in the past either gold or silver content.

    Gold coins were removed after that son of a benedict FDR outlawed the ownership of gold in the 1930’s, and then that other termite Johnson took the silver out of our coins after 1964.

    His explanation was that silver was too valuable to put into coins, for heaven’s sakes! But the nation hardly noticed. Of course there were some savvy people that immediately started hoarding those pre-1964 coins.

    But did you know that Costa Rica also at one time had gold and silver coins?

    Yes, the 10 centimos coins dating 1905-1914 had silver content, and 1924 25 centimos coins had silver also.

    One former president Jose Federico Alberto de Jesus Tinoco Granados was infamously remembered for being deposed and who took flight with a lot of gold and silver to Paris France, where he died in 1931.

    But looking back it shows how governments began devaluing their currencies, and Costa Rica began producing coins of brass, stainless steel, and culminating in 1982 were the 10 centimos coins were made of aluminum!

    I don’t know what they are made off now, but there’s talk that some countries are thinking of making the coins of plastic.

    I wonder who inherited president Tinocos’ silver and gold coins. Any of you? 8)


    American citizen’s were required to turn in their gold coins, with the exception of numismatic coins to the government. This was done under the FDR administration. You can look it up on the internet. I’m sure there were quite a few American’s that did not do it.
    You are right that American citizens can own gold and silver since the mid 1980’s.

    We have known for a long time that debasing a currency leads to economic collapse. That is exactly what the U.S. and Costa Rica have done.
    But you can believe whatever you want Sweikert, specially your discredited Keynesianism that has brought the world to our current mess.
    In any event, I’m interested in what other readers might want to say,but I do know that in reading your replies to other posters, if one says the world is round, your reply is that it is flat. All I know is that please, pretty please, do not retire in Costa Rica, as I’m looking forward to retiring there soon.



    good to see you still engaging in mental masturbation.

    what brings me peace is knowing your investment acumen will be hit like many of the other misguided ignorant people..

    I find it amusing someone that still relies on a biweekly paycheck whether he produces or plays on internet actually have any money at all. But you keep doing what your doing because by the time you actually retire here if indeed you ever follow thru

    this country will be more expensive to live then where you you currently are 🙂

    with mug like this I hope you at least speak Spanish mate.:wink::wink:


    [quote=”sweikert925″][quote=”johnnyh”]if one says the world is round, your reply is that it is flat.[/quote]

    If someone says the world is round I agree with him or her. If he or she were to say it was flat, I would disagree.

    Why do you get to disagree with me but I am not permitted to disagree with you? It takes 2 (or more) to disagree, seems to me. But perhaps you disagree with that.

    [quote=”johnnyh”] please, pretty please, do not retire in Costa Rica, as I’m looking forward to retiring there soon.[/quote]

    Request denied. A major difference between you and me is that I relish having people with different points of view around, and you, apparently, do not.[/quote]



    I did not post the word [b]”masturbation”[/b] it was [b]”mental masturbation”[/b]

    its a totally different meaning but again this is a perfect example of how you like to take things out of context to better serve you

    mental masturbation
    mental masturbation (uncountable)

    (slang) Engaging in intellectually stimulating conversation with little or no practical purpose.
    (slang) Thought processes that only serve to satisfy oneself.

    I am sure it was an innocent mistake 🙂

    BTW I awarded you 5 points 🙂

    [quote=”sweikert925″]I see that the resident clown has resurfaced. And he must be pleased that he once again has an excuse to post a comment with the word “masturbation” in it, apparently his favorite subject. Why do you suppose that is? Well, maybe it’s best not to delve too deeply into THAT.[/quote]

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