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    May 23, 2007 — HOLLYWOOD is hitting the Costa Rican coastline, and the surfers are nervous. Vince Vaughn was seen partying at the red-hot Mal Pais Surf Camp and tooling around nearby Mar Azul a few days ago. Kate Moss and Matthew McConaughey have also visited. In addition, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Sting, Giselle Bundchen and Leo DiCaprio have supposedly looked at property in the area. Residents fear the infestation could destroy the area’s natural beauty with new construction. “The roads are all dirt and there’s not a lot here except great surf,” said one nature lover.


    Kiss this place goodbye once the celebs have discovered it. Look what happened to Costa Smeralda.


    A few years ago, there was a gossip that said Carlos Santana bought a land in Palo Seco…Nobody has seen him so far, but the rumour is still going on.
    Like it or not, artists and stars will be here more and more, if only for short stays……We can’t help it, Costa Rica is a paradise, right???

    Hasta Luego


    Celebs like Matthew McConaughey (an avid surfer and nature lover) and Leo Decaprio (an avid and hard working enviromentalist) would likely help to keep the place in its’ natural beauty. I don’t know about the others, but these two should be welcomed. They are probably looking for an escape from this completely wrecked and hopeless state of the environment in the U.S., just like many of us. However, I am deeply concerned about overbuilding on the beautiful coastlines of CR.


    Lets keep Carlos Santana too, love the music!


    I second that…Carlos has been a favorite for a long time…plus it’s my understanding that he is also into preserving the status quo…I think it’s the big developers that we need to be concerned about…

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