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    for the last few yrs we have flown to San Jose for @ $400 r/t…no problem… it seems like finding an airfare from San Diego to San Jose is geting so expensive…..
    my question is …Can anyone share their experiences with finding a decent airfare….


    $400 is CHEAP!!! My first trip to SJO in February 2005 was $286, and the four flights during the year steadily climbed so that the last ticket was $521 from Denver. Check the airlines websites. Check frequently and late at night. I found that going directly to the airlines website saved me about $30 a ticket, plus I got bonus miles for booking directly through them.


    A friend saved $100 on a trip to Dominican by going directly to the airline’s office in Paseo Colon, always a good idea to eliminate the middle man.


    It takes some serious shopping and planning ahead to get cheap rates. Right now (March 27) there is a non-stop flight from Charlotte, NC (CLT) to SJO CR for $381 leaving and returning on a Wednesday (generally the cheapest days) and booked for May to June 14 (US Air). We are looking for a week later but that is too far off for the cheap rates yet. The regular rate still posted through is $656 for the week later. In the next two weeks we expect the price to drop to our range. As soon as it drops we will book it (10 – 12 weeks in advance). But if you want to book farther out it is going to cost you the full rate or nearly the “I have to go today” rate.

    Where you leave from makes a big difference. From Washington, Dulles (IAD) during the same time frame there are dozens of flights for $390. On the other hand, if I want to leave from my home town the “cheap” rate is around $1,000 and the flights leave at terrible hours and there are long layovers in the connecting air ports. . . End up in San Jose after dark. Ariving after dark in no longer a problem for me but we have a two hour drive after we get there. Its nice to be there in mid afternoon and have a relaxing drive when you can SEE the cows in the road!

    I’ve gotten good rates on TACA (The Central American Airline) but my recent searches have been high. Could be their cheap days are not Wednedsays. I tried some San Diego SAN flights and the lowest I got was about $500. But I did not change a lot of variables.

    I’ve been using the on-line services like for a while with pretty good results. However, there ARE agents that specialize in cheap rates. If you find one tell them you fly regularly and may be a repeat customer.


    I agree that going directly to the airlines sites saves you some money and also they offer many more flights. Last year when booking through expedia the flight selection(times, lay overs etc…) was very slim, so I wnt directly to Deltas site and there were at least twice as many flights offered. I find Tuesdays to be good regarding prices, but I’ll have to try wednesdays as well.


    Good suggestions, all.

    I have 5 round trip ticket stubs from last year all a few months apart and found the price averaged $621 from Phoenix or Las vegas or LA – round trip, non-stop or through Miami with one stop. I also avoid w/e travel and use T/W/Th arr/dep times. All of my flights were arranged by me and within 1-4 weeks of the trip. I also figured out the airlines are the way to book – I find the exact same flights for the same or slightly less money than the websites which are booking leftovers and do not let you see all of the flights available. I also feel that since I can book direct with the airline for the same price they have to be making more money and are mush happier giving out freebies…. my airmiles are progressing very well!

    The only differences I found were that during the green season I hoped the prices would drop slightly… Instead, the quantity and variety of flights were reduced but the price remained the same. I personally think it’s better and I advise anyone who asks to GO TO CR DURING THE GREEN SEASON!!!! (The people are happier and there’s less tourists and lots less rushing around like (rich) cattle – besides, the rain is incredible and very unlike the rain in places like Seattle.)

    The only ‘new’ thing I offer is that you ought to watch the arrival and departure times very carefully. If you arrive in CR at 8 pm and saved $50 on the ticket over arriving in the morning you will shell out at least $50 on a room that night plus taxi and food, etc. I find that I tend to arrange a flight week to arrive at 9 am on a Wed and then leave on the following Wed at 1 pm or so.


    Any suggestions for someone flying out of Toronto, Ont. Canada.
    The prices are higher this year and not many deals.
    Are there breaks for people who are Travel agents?
    Thanks Bev


    Best deal I found so far, was on the Air Canada web site and this was off season travel – around $650 to $700. I plan to be in San Jose within the next few months. Relocating there permanenetly within the year.

    If you found better airfares from Toronto, please keep us posted. Travel tips that save $’s appreciated. Also need Costa Rica air fare saver ideas to Dorval Airport in Montreal so I visit my Mom and sample the food.
    Chao Chao Kenny


    i finally broke down and bought my tickets on Continental Airlines….$590….bummer
    but this is how much i spend now in gas for my car!!!

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