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    Which electric cars legal on the road in Costa Rica? I would think they would be useful for short trips. I have seen some advertised. Does any one have any experience with them? Thanks


    The only car that I see is the Toyota Prius which is obviously a hybrid.

    Scott Oliver – Founder


    The laws here are a bit different than the States. Almost any vehicle can be made road legal with mirrors, signal lights, a horn and a speedometer. ATVs and golf carts are considered the same as cars so can be driven anywhere. Contact one of the suppliers here to be sure, but it is likely they have a way to make it work for you.


    Here in Belen I see James Middlebrooks driving a large electric vehicle around quite frequently. His office and warhouse is located on the road across from Aqua Mania on the main road from Belen up to the expressway to San Jose near the exit at the Mall Real Cariari. His other office is located in Guanacaste just outside of Liberia on the road to Santa Cruz.

    His company http://www.ElectricCarsCR.com has been in the electric cars and golf cart business in Costa Rica for over five years offering warranty, local parts, local service, and service contract all over Costa Rica on everything they sell. They are the exclusive distributor in Costa Rica for FAIRPLAY™ and EZGO™ golf and electric car products with factory-trained and authorized service personnel.

    They supply less expensive, cleaner, and more environment-friendly transportation for people, products, and services.


    Thanks Tom Rosenburg for the kind words and commercial . . .

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    Thanks for the info. Can anyone tell me the cost of registering and insuring a small electric car and whether the cost is comparable to a gasoline car. Bob


    Does anyone know if there has been any movement on passing the duty exemption for electric cars?


    Had you searched the forum for “hybrid” you would have found the following post on June 25th 2010:

    [ https://www.welovecostarica.com/members/cfmbb/messages.cfm?messageid=6F9D3DE0-24E8-5ED2-F10F2314710DCF25#6F9D3DE0-24E8-5ED2-F10F2314710DCF25 ]

    Hybrid cars and other electric type vehicles (including Segways) will be imported with no import taxes but I do not recall the date when that is to be applied.

    You can see the article at: [ http://www.nacion.com/2010-04-19/ElPais/NotaPrincipal/ElPais2317485.aspx ]

    The key section is:

    El artículo 97 del plan de ley indica que estará libre de tributos “todo vehículo de transporte de tecnología de combustible limpia como vehículos híbridos, vehículos eléctricos, así como baterías u otro compone asociados al uso de este tipo de vehículos”.

    A rough translation would be: “The 97th article of the plan indicates that: “all clean energy transportation vehicles like hybrids, electric vehicles, like batteries and other components associated with the use of this type of vehicle will be free of taxes.”

    Does this help?



    thanks it does


    This posted in the wrong place by harperanne and reposted here by Scott Oliver

    Does anyone know any more about Article 97 and the importing of hybrid cars duty free? I read the article Scott referred to but didn’t fully understand if it is under discussion or if it is now in effect.

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