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    Has anyone driven to Costa Rica from the States? Curios about the safety, costs, tariffs, etc.


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    I would suggest that it’s not the ‘cost’ that should be your biggest concern, but your safety.



    One of my best memories was driving down to Costa Rica from Los Angeles via Tucson to Nogales to Hermosillo to Guaymas-Mazatlan-Guadalajara-Mexico City-Veracruz, on down to Guatemala,and to Costa Rica as an 19 year old with my uncle and aunt and a female friend of us. All this in a beautiful 1967 Pontiac Lemans that my uncle ended up selling to a rich Costa Rican cafetalero. It was great luck for my uncle, as he didn’t relish driving back! The trip was amazing, with Costa Rica having the worst roads. Sound familiar? It was a rather uneventful trip that I will never forget. But now I understand you risk your life. Too bad.


    Johnny, what year did you make the trip? I used to live in Tucson, and going to Nogales for a day or the weekend was a real popular thing to do back in the 70’s. I wouldn’t go there now, however.


    This was in 1968. I also remember seeing this native American Indian driving a Huge Cadillac in Tucson that had bull horns in the hood. I had never seen that! Well, not an Indian!


    i went from s.f.,ca. to costa rica in 2011, with a fluent mexican-american (bi-polar, what a nightmare overall). three problems. twice in vera cruz (went the long way above mexico city to the panamerican hwy and south) pd. $100.00 to the policia to procede.

    if yer near the border tell them you want to go to the police station rather than pay, they’ll run from you (literally). we went before google earth, so…no signage and incoherent directions (most rurales have never been more than a few blocks from their homes).

    lots of being lost (not major lost,tho). AND, the major problem, crossing the borders. doable, but costly and a MAJOR pain. even with fluent mexican, had to pay “facilitators”.

    1 major search in guatemala, with “requests” for some of our stuff (mainly liquor). great time overall, no fear.be adaptable.

    i’d do it again. costa rican border very professional and easy. countries between are ugly, dirty, but fascinating. DON’T try “motels” they rent by the hour and are dedicated to assignations (with garages to hide yer car from yer wife

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