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    I will be coming there in a few weeks and plan on renting a car and driving the pacific side for a week, looking around to possible move there. From what I read there is some petty crime as everywhere in the world. Can anyone give me some tips on how to hopefully prevent myself from experiencing any while driving and staying there? I read somewhere that you don’t stop and change your flat tire? Any tips like these will be greatly appreicated, will fly into San Jose spend the night and move on from there.
    Many Thanks


    You can stop and change a tire just try and do it at a gas station or the like. If you get a blow out on the costa nera just use the same pre cautions you would anywhere else. Don’t leave anything in your car, even when checking into a hotel. Last time I was there two guys checking into a place in playa hermosa left all there stuff in the car while they checked in. 15 minutes later it was gone. The citys are where most of the crimes take place, just use common sense and enjoy yourself.


    Thank You Lotus, do you need a international drivers license to drive there?


    No , keep your passport in a safe place. Make a photo copy of the passport to carry with you ( you don not need the original to travel around ) , you can use that to drive for 3 months upon entry.


    We met a man scammed out of San Jose by he flat tire. Apparently “they” slice the sidewall starting a slow leak, then follow you until the flat on the highway and stop to help. One distracts and the other steals. As anywhere, never let yourself be distracted or split up from your partner. It is a shame, but keep your guard up.

    In Nosara, we were warned to NEVER leave ANYTHING in the rental vehicle. Attempts to break in may damage the windows, locks, paint, they you get held responsible for.

    As for driving, use caution. Paved roads were fine, but it’s hard to avoid the temptation to sightsee! On the dirt roads tthe biggest hazard we saw were the washouts on the sides that could quickly take you for a tumble. Just drive sensibly an enjoy your trip.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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