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    I’ll be flying into San Jose on the 27th of Jan. Can’t wait. I’ll be renting a tracker from Dean Krieg on the 30th after I spend a couple days in San Jose. After that well I have accomodations lists but checking in as I drive around the country. Hope to visit Jaco Beach, Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo, Monteverde. Not sure quite yet what my route will be yet but would love any info that others have as this will be my first time.


    If this your first time driving in Costa Rica, you may not be aware of the one lane bridges on 2 lane “main” roads. I know I was not. And I think this was a main road by Costa Rican standards.

    Only be the grace of God and following another car in the mountains between San Jose and Jaco I avoided a headon with a bus coming down the mountain over the bridge at about 40 miles on hour. This was after I had been very upset to myself as to why this “crazy” driver in front of me suddenly slowed and stopped. If they had not been there, I would not have seen this and bus would have driven through me.

    I have also traveled several places by bus with a friend. She would always sits in the back of the bus. Now I know why!! The buses though are very nice and would recomend them as an alternate to driving to other areas for visits and are very inexpensive.


    I just came back from a great trip, south of Golfito towards Punto Blanco, the end of the road. fantastic, Then the Arenal area was very interesting to me, Are you just vacationing or “shopping” ? Watch out for the potholes, even on the main rds and wear your seatbelt.even your passengers. police has a great way for you to settle a ticket.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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