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    Well Here is another Broker to back up everyone else. I specialize in the Beaches of Pinellas Co (Tampa Bay Area), and there are over 3000 properties on the market just on the Beaches. Things are selling but only those that are priced right. We intend to put our waterfront home on the market in Novemember at the lowest price (waterfront) in our Beach town. That will make it sell, so we only make a few hundred thousnad instead of $500,000, it still a durn good investment for six years. We are ready to go.
    My mother-in-law’s house in Rye Co has been on the market for over a year. I can’t get her to lower her price, so I guess she will have to stay here when we leave.


    Boy! how many realtors do we have on the blog? I am a Realtor in Minneapolis area as well. Here the market just corrected it self now it is like how it was in the 1990’s. I started in 1993 when it would normaly take a month to sell a home. Then during the hay days it was less than 24hrs, now its back to the norm.


    A month sounds good to me, we have not had a significant price reduction yet. Properties are sitting for months!!! I started in around 91 and properties would sit and sit and some would never sell and would have to be rented out for years.


    You might find this (13th September 2006) of interest – “The Housing Bubble and it’s Implications for the Economy” – which you can find at

    The following people contributed:

    1. Mr. Patrick Lawler, Chief Economist, Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight
    2. Mr. Richard Brown, Chief Economist, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
    3. Mr. Dave Seiders, Chief Economist, National Association of Homebuilders
    4. Mr. Tom Stevens, President, National Association of Realtors

    Scott Oliver – Founder


    Ditto to all on the slow or should I say non exsistant home sales. My husband and I have 2 investment properties in St.Pete, FL that have been up for sale for several months as well, we have lowered the price several times, and added lots of incentives. So for any of you FL. realtors in the Tampa Bay area if you are interested you can email me off the board at We will be making our first trip to CR to look at properties, in a few weeks, so we have a lot of motivation to sell!


    I am not a realtor, but we do have 2 houses for sale here in the fabulous Florida Keys. Even here in paradise the market is dead. We are praying for no hurricanes this year, heard that poeple are waiting until after the storm season to buy. This is our only holdup right now on getting to know C.R. on a long term basis.


    Hola to all. Just another starving Realtor in sunny FL….the Naples/Fort Myers area is almost non-existant. Sellers are having to get very realistic. it is hard for many to realize last year is GONE! We are putting our home on the market in Nov and plan to price below the rest of the neighborhood. Need to get to CR more than we need the extra profit. Never thought I’d say that. As of today, there are 47 single family homes on the market in our golfing community. If I included the condos there are 142 for sale. This is just one of many golfing communities! So if anyone knows of anyone that wants to trade or get a good buy, we are open to all options. Can’t wait to get back to CR.


    Wow! I’m not a Realtor, but after reading all of this, you all really knocked the wind out of my sails. I plan on putting my home in Largo Florida on the market at the end of the year, and moving to CR in the spring, or when the house sells. Now I’m wondering if I’m ever going to get there!I don’t want to give the house away. I know the market is slow, but I was hoping by the beginning of next year, it would pick up.


    Recieved my TRIM notice a couple of weeks back…I have a second home in Cape Coral which I intend to retire at in 2 years. I was stunned when I saw that my property taxes increased another 1,200.00 in 2006. Since I’m not homestead eligible, my tax bill was $35.00 less than my neighbor who just built a 4,300 square foot, 650,000 dollar home two years ago (my house is 1,800 sq ft). If these increases stay the course, I won’t be able to afford the property taxes when the time comes, with or without homestead.

    Anyway my wife and I just purchased a lot near Jaco and are beginning to rethink are long tem plans. I feel the only draw back in moving to CR would be bordom setting in within a few months.

    I Would like to hear from other active “early boomers” who have relocated to CR, and how they keep themselves busy.



    With all due respect, Nera, I think you have much more to be concerned about from your homeowners’ insurance company than you do from your local government. At least the government is constrained somewhat by political pressures; homeowners’ insurance is going through the roof everywhere and will, I fear, be the factor that drives people out of their homes.

    Costa Rica may not be at the center of what’s happenin’ in the world, but costs of home ownership are not crippling.


    This is a reply to Nera,
    You will be able to keep busy and interested in all the options that have always interested you.
    I could go through the alphabet and find something for most letters. eg.
    A – automobiles – there are clubs for various makes and others who like to restore clasics
    B – baking – still a go in Costa Rica
    birding – better in Costa Rica than most other places
    C – climbing – and even canopy touring are available
    You are only limited by your imagination and (as for me) MY FAILING BODY PART but then they would be failing anywhere else. I find that arthritis is much less of a burden here.
    Come on down and enjoy!!


    I would like to ad that boredom is a state of mind. How many wealthy people are there with seemingly everything they could need here in the U.S. and they’re bored or unhappy? What do they have in Florida, a flat hot and humid state, that there isn’t in Costa Rica? I really believe if we are searching for “things” to keep us happy we will never truly find happiness, we’ll just keep going from one thing to the next and when things run out we sit in front of the tv 5 hours a day. I think in a place like Costa Rica there is a far greater chance of finding happiness if you shift you consciousness and just accept the present moment. Really you can do this anywhere, but certainly in Costa Rica.


    And just think with all of the money that you would save you could travel all up and down South America! Costa Rica is centraly located and you could see the world!

    These are the reason’s why many people are looking to retire in CR (I don’t think I have to tell you that) prices of heath and home insurance, home and personal taxes, cost of living and with many compnays (ex Delta Airlines, Ford, GM) cutting back on pensions you either have to take a second job or starve or work until you die.

    This is why I am facilitating home buyers seminars in MN! I am finding many people that are in a dire situation for retirment. Since the largest amount of Baby boomers have not retired yet it is only going to get a lot worse in the next 10 years.


    If you would like to know what your house would probably sell for, contact me a and I’ll do some research for you. No pressure or strings attached, just trying to help someone else get to CR. We hope to relocate next year as well. We live in Indian Rocks Beach



    Sharon, I appreciate your offer, but I’m not to that point yet. I’m doing some remodeling (alot of the work myself), so it’s slow going. I work 5 days a week, so it’s kind of a weekend thing. I hope to get to that point by the beginning of next year. I will keep you in mind.
    Thank you.

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