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    Does anybody know the population of Samara Beach ? We are going to rent a car when we get there, and take some day trips up and down the coast. Are the roads along the coast good ? and any insight of some good spots to stop and see either north or south of Samara ?


    We have been to Samara sveral times and just bought some property about 5 minutes south of there in Carillo. You will love Samara you will not want to leave but if you do you will find the roads going north are fine( paved roads) with a few potholes large enough to get lost in in. The roads or road south is all dirt and winds and twists through the mountains (can get a little hairy). Gorgeous drive and a real adventure if you have four wheel drive. We went down to Punta Islita which took about an hour or so, it will be a lot shorter if you can cross the river ( it was too high when we were there). Unless you are staying at the Punta Islita resort don’t bother going there they are real jerks they wouldn’t even let us come in and have lunch since we were not staying there. Good luck , you will love Samara.


    Thanx Bob for the insight you know all the cool guys are named Bob !
    We are also intrested in property there, did you buy a lot or a house?
    we plan on checking it out when we get there as I here it is got to skyrocket in the future.
    thanx again


    make sure to get up to Nosara and if you have the time and a 4×4 head south to mal pais,theres a great tico owned hotel made up of individual kinda of cabin/tree houses with screen walls. they also have a solid restaurant about $50 a night or upscale flora blanca or milarepa $160-$300 night. in the dry season the drive is easily done but this is back country driveing.


    We heard from a local that the population of Samara is about 600 people….

    We too just purchased a property in Samara, because we fell in love with the little town!!


    Hola Bob,

    We just returned from Samara area and are looking at property in the Carillo area. We are considering a gated community called Loma Verde. The area is truly beautiful. Could you share with us the location of the property you purchased?
    My email address is

    Pura Vida


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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