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    Did you see this restaurant and bar with guest cottages for sale on eBay?

    Sure sounds like a great retirement business to me . . . and not too bad a price

    I guess it would help to know more about the location, the surrounding area, and other relevant details. Probably a good idea to have a local help you find places like this rather than rely on an eBay description.



    Agreed – Expert help from a trusted professional locally is vital if you don’t know the four major problems when looking Costa Rica real estate – .

    In my opinion, it’s also important that people have a VERY good plan (and preferably a LOT of experience) about how to run a restaurant before getting serious.

    Sorry to be brutal but…

    Too many people, who may have spent their lives in government service or corporate America, (experience totally unrelated to owning and running a restaurant) come to Costa Rica with a dream of starting their own little restaurant.

    A year later – their entire investment is lost and they wonder why they failed.

    The restaurant business is a tough business in your home country never mind in a country where the language, the people, the legal system and the Labor Laws are totally different.

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    If it helps, I just went to the link…. It said SOLD.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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