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    Curious about DSL availability in CR. Anyone know if the systems are land line based or Satellite. I understand there are cables that reach central america at the panama canal and link to usa, europe, asia via an undersea cable. does CR link to this system of “land lines” or are they sat based?

    anyone out there using DSL in CR (further anyone outside of central valley)?



    This is all from memory so don’t shoot me if I get any names or tech info wrong. The ICE site has “accurate” coverage information on their DSL page:

    Gringo beach areas that have DSL (or soon will) are Jaco, Tamarindo, Flamingo. Maybe Manuel Antonio anyone?

    Other fair size towns have it or should soon have it, as long as you are within 3 kilometers of the telephone exchange.

    Costa Rica is linked to the Internet by the Maya cable, which is a fiber optic cable in the Caribbean. I believe there is a backup as well, previously all of Costa Rica was linked via satellite. Several Central American countries and Caribbean islands participated in the project.

    RACSA (a subsidiary of ICE) is touting WiMax in the Central Valley for 2006. They are supposed to have the first coverage in Santa Ana and Escazu in January. Also in January the new cell network is supposed to have Internet access for your phone or smart phone.


    You can see where ADSL is avialable at

    Scott Oliver – Founder


    Thanks for the info….Curious as to if you know of anyone using a dedicated line.(T-1 to internet or point to point) Some of the online gambling sites etc must have solid fast connections to do business. I am a professional trader and looking to trade (part time initially unitl i can trust my connection) from CR. Hoping for coastal (gringo beach like Tamarindo ok) area as i live in the mountains of Colorado and am looking for a beach spot. (SJ holds no intrigue). I know that it wouldn’t be cheap but anything under $2500/ mo would be cost effective.


    I help my investment clients to manage a significant amount of money professionally (20+ years/ex-Wall Street) and place trades online practically every day.

    I use Amnet cable internet and have been very happy with them.

    Having said that, thankfully I no longer trade intraday (primarily managed money – offshore hedge funds) and don’t need to follow a zillion different indicators that I used to that might require much faster access.

    T1 is available in San José, I honestly do not know the costs but yes! They are substantial. You should try the Amnet website at and please do let us know what you discover if it’s something new…



    Thanks Scott,

    i’ll try amnet, site looks interesting. Unfortunately due to the latency inherent in cable even my 8 meg cable in Vail, CO is unsuitable to run the execution programs i use, thus necessitating either a T-1 or business quality ADSL connection.


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