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    I just came down with my wife and son and had the BEST experience with a Dental Clinic in San Jose. Their quality was great and prices were like 1/3 of US prices. I stayed at a B and B, Residence La Paz which was with in walking distance. The whole experience was better than US. For instance a crown or root canal is $350. It’s a $1,000 each in the States.


    Do you have any idea what they charge for implants? My husband has a partial plate which he got from a dentist in San Isidro but it gives him so much trouble that he is considering a couple of implants. They are $1000 each in San Isidro – a budget breaker for us. I was just wondering if he might find better prices in San Jose.


    Here’s the real question – is it $1000 for the implant or does the cost include the restoration as well.


    I recently paid $800 for implants at an excellent dental clinic on Avenue Escazu near Hospital CIMA. The crowns were an additional $240 for metal/porcelain. All porcelain crowns are $340, and Zirconium crowns are $440. All work is guaranteed for life. The quality of the work is high and the service is very prompt and friendly. English speaking staff.


    BE CAREFUL when you pick your dentist. You may have heard great things about the office but if the office brings in an outside dentist run for your life! I thought I had picked the right office and dentist. Then a “traveling specialist” was brought in for the procedure – a bone graft and sinus lift, serious stuff. In 10 days, the whole area was septic. It was three months before the pain was gone and the multiple errors were corrected by an ENT specialist and dental surgeon at CIMA. The surgery – with both doctors – took over two hours and was done under general anesthesia. BE CAREFUL

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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