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    We have bought land just outside of Tilaran and need an architect to work with us. We speak little Spanish so need someone who speaks English. Any guidance is really appreciated.


    Well now. tilaran seems to be a hopping place. What is it about this area that americans are so attracted to. I also bought property here and have used a crackerjack engineer/architect that is fluent in both spanish and english. His email is Pura Vida


    I just met one while down in the Grecia area last week.
    He is an American living in Costa Rica and will pass his info when I find it as I just arrived back in the states last night.


    Did you check them youself?
    It took them 5 min. to estimate they fee from $900m2 of construction and up!
    Thank you very much!


    I only spoke with them on the phone as well as a couple of e mails. I will be building near the beach just south of jaco and they told me about $60 a sqft. which is about right for high quality construction in our area. There was an article on this site also where they were mentioned and I believe used. Obviously 900M2 is high but I don’t know your particulars or maybe there was a mistake made? The prices on there site don’t reflect what you are reporting here.


    I’m not sure these numbers are as ‘way out’ as you think they are…

    1 square foot = 0.093 sq metres

    So if you have a 1,500 square foot house, the construction at $60 per square foot x 1,500 = Your cost is US$90,000

    1,500 square feet = 139.50 square metres so if you are building at US$900 per square metre then your cost for a 139.50 M2 home would be US$125,550

    It’s not difficult to imagine two homes absolutely identical in size where one may be priced at $140K and the other $175K (with a simple assumption that the land cost $50K). Just picking out some really luxurious kitchen and bathroom items could easily make up that difference no problem.

    Scott – Founder


    I guess i just really like some of there designs, the modern house styles rather than a mediterranean or Spanish style home. I will be meeting with them in a few months to discuss what they offer in more detail and hopefully speak to some of there clients. I have had other builders in the area quote prices of from $400-$600 per M2. We know a hotel owner(tica) who is paying about $400 M2 and it’s a beautiful mediterranean home. Also we are starting out with a small house 600-700 interior sqft.which will eventually become a guest house, neo has a very cool plan for one that sits up on tall piers.Anyway good luck there seem to be plenty of good architects and builders available.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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