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    Anyone else having this problem?

    Our cëdulas (as permanent residents) expired as of 21/11/2016.
    According to the BCR our new cédulas were supposed to be delivered to our local (San Ramón de Alajuela) “oficina de correos” on December 2nd.

    As of Dec.23 they have not shown up – nor do they show up in the “correos” tracking engine.

    We have been told that the CR immigration offices are now on vacation until January 9th, 2017.

    Meanwhile, without the new DIMEX cards, we are not able to renew our driver’s licenses (which expire 11/01/2017)and one bank is threatening to freeze our accounts for failure to “actualizar nos datos” (update our information)within the next 3 (working?)days – which they will not allow us to do without current, active cëdulas.

    Any feedback and/or counsel would be welcome.



    Sorry you are involved in yet another catch 22 for us “residents”. Personally, If I were in your place I would seek the advice of a really good attorney, one that can speak and understand both English and Spanish and truly understands the constantly mutating CR laws. This is difficult at best.

    To put it mildly, the legal infrastructure here sucks. Moreover, re: your allusion to the holidays extending into the the 9th of January;that is why this country will never be “Rico”. Every other day is a holiday and the LAST thing they want to do is work.



    First off…. get your money out of the bank so that you will have cash just in case they separate you from your funds by freezing your account. Leave the minimum in the account just to leave it “open” until this is settled.

    If your account is at BN why not just do the “update” on line at their website and put in your current number with a future date of expiration (make it up but use the projected new expiration date) to satisfy their “requirements” until this is settled. Once settled you can put in the correct information. As with many “processes” here it’s often form over substance! They want the boxes filled in…. do they really care or check the information…. not likely. Talking to folks at the branch only opens a can of worms. I’ve managed to keep my accounts open and active for 10 years by simply doing the update when prompted at login seems they don’t check anything…. they’re just programmed to make sure you fill in the box!

    This may buy you some time. As for the license issue. If you still have an active license from another country and have traveled outside CR recently use your passport and other license in the unlikely event you are stopped by the police…. might get you through if you play the “tourist” until you settle this.

    This time of year is horrible (is that really possible?) to get anything done with government offices. For now you don’t have much of a choice. Once the offices are reopened take care of this in person.

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