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    if you missed it in my other post check out the 2-3-2006 ny times http://www.nytimes.com and read an intersting story on the real estate market, primarily deals with Guanacaste. I have also noticed a lot more travel advertiseing here in nyc, big billboard as you cross the williamsburg bridge as well as a lot of ads in the subway cars as well as travel packages in the ny times travel section. costa rica really has it over so many caribean destinations in so many ways, it really is just a matter of time before this place takes off like maui or the bahamas. for better or worse I don’t think we’ll recognize the central pacific in 10 years. the stigma of it being a “central american” third world country is slowly lifting here in the u.s.. it’s funny that most americans don’t realize that most caribbean countries including mexico are “third world”and when this is pointed out to them they get a bit confused? while on some of these islands they don’t travel to the other side where all there waiters, bus drivers etc…live. point being when they hear costa rica they think warlords and drug king pins, but as this perception changes they will all discover what we already know! then try and buy a piece of land for $10 a M2 near jaco or some other ocean area within a few hours of an airport. and I have to guess this is what the developers of delpacifica,los suenos,nativa and that new “hi rise” in jaco already know?

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