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    Well, folks, and especially the airhead that tried (unsuccessfully)that a certain amount of trust was a necessary part of trust here.

    Well my wife and I started the process of buying a very expensive condo here in Jaco. We used a very well known realty company, and they directed us in using a company in which we should put escrow money. The company was TrusCo. What a laugh. We deposited $50,000.00 into the account.

    Then, about a month later, we received an email, (one day before my birthday), that some woman (thief bitch!)had been taken on TrusCo’s staff, and had managed to forge and embezzle the funds of that company. In essence, I was told that we had lost our 50k but they would work to get it or some of it back.

    An attorney we later asked about this said we had little, if any chance of getting it back. Ohhhh, yes, a great country for doing business on trust. Ha.

    Fortunately we can absorb the loss, but we are still donating to keep this woman in prison as long as possible. She is desperate to get out of prison, (wonder why?) but I would like to see her in that hellhole till her teeth fall out. Has anyone seen a CR prison? Believe me, you don’t even want to visit.

    When it comes to business, I will never ever trust ANYONE in Costa Rica. What a joke.


    Hi Galen.

    You have posted a very defamatory complaint here and although I certainly sympathize with you if everything you say is 100% correct, I must be very careful legally of these kinds of things otherwise I will be sued (again) for slander and defamation.

    If my attorney says we have to take it down we will but, I will notify you by email if that happens.

    Surely this is now the liability of the Trust company? If the Trust company does not have an extra $50K lying around to compensate you – the client – which may be the case then you could be out of luck. Escrow are not insured

    1. Luckily I can’t even find “TrusCo” – there is not a single listing in Google for Costa Rica “TrusCo” so they may never see this but are you sure you have the correct name?

    2. If you are willing to send me the email you received from them, I would LOVE to see that…



    This is a truly tragic story on financial loss but a common
    one.Please forgive me if I am missing something from this
    painful story.If your Escrow agent was not working as your
    attorney in this realestate transaction,you were doomed from
    the beginning.Escrow in Costa Rica not to be confused with
    escrow in the U.S… Three decades ago our lawyer warned us
    about putting money down on anything, till a registro search
    was done on the property and a back round check on all players
    involved.Buying property is easy in Costa Rica but buying
    correctly is hard and another story.

    With Condolences,


    Since you first posted about this last September, it has taken a long time to come to light that your funds have gone missing… Was the transaction, never completed?


    Sorry…. I’m calling BS on this one…. troll. Always uses terms like “Wealthy”, “Expensive”, his “Estate”, former treasure hunter… world traveler…. yet he allegedly parts with $50,000 to an escrow company no one has heard of after dealing with the best real estate people, best attorney… but don’t worry…. he can absorb the loss he’s a rich treasure hunter.

    Who needs trust when a 5 second Google search would have been all you needed as Scott has pointed out. I guess your due diligence and superior senses on who to “trust” got the better of you…. sorry friend… no more quarters to feed the troll. LOL

    Flame away my friend, I’m guessing I called it correctly… you are NOT going to last here…. that is if you ever really were here in the first place. If you’re going to bash Costa Rica at least come up with better story line, this one didn’t pass the sniff test from the get-go.

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