The Flamingo Marina project is in full swing. Recently, because of a conflict of interest, the counsel in charge of choosing who will get the concession to build and operate the future Flamingo Marina stepped down.

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Pedro Abdalla Slon, who said he had to step down because one of the companies (Willily Ocean View S.A) that was bidding to build the new marina was indirectly associated with him. The newly appointed law firm, Bufete Ortega & Saborio, from this point forward will be reviewing and pre-qualifying the bids for the new marina.

The mayor of Santa Cruz, Jorge Chavarria, is pushing for the final decision to be made no later than November of this year. The previous law council had pre-qualified six national and international companies that are vying for the contract to build the Flamingo Marina.

Originally there were eight companies that submitted bids for the marina. Of those eight, two companies were eliminated. Pending any appeals or revisions, the selection process will go forth and begin.

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The six companies that have made it through the first round of pre-qualification are:

  1. Empresas Maritimas Messe, SA. This company is made up of Bob Davey (owner/broker of Century 21 in Playa Flamingo) and his partner, Bob Spence, a businessman from Sacramento. They have proposed a bid for $24.73 million to build a 420-slip facility.
  2. Desarrollos Nauticos SA, made up of Hubert Gysemans (Flamingo businessman), lawyers Roberto Fiatt, Jose Miguel Alfaro Masis, Mario Mora and engineer Miguel Torres. They have proposed a bid for $12.5 million, which is the least expensive bid and includes 200 boat slips.
  3. Tamarindo Lifestyle SA, who is behind the massive Tamarindo Heights development in Tamarindo, has proposed a bid for $32.6 million and includes 320 boat slips.
  4. Inversiones Rigilcom SA, who is led by Anil C. Kothari (President of Global Financial Group). This is the same New Jersey based development group behind the $300 million Hyatt project which is scheduled to break ground in Playa Brasilito.
  5. Desarrollo de Marinas Matapalo Demm SA. This company is made up three north Americans and is headed by Donald Brooks, a long time resident of Flamingo. They have proposed $45 million to build 234 boat slips.
  6. Willily Ocean View SA, This company includes Mr. Abdalla (who stepped down because he was indirectly associated with this bid). They have proposed a $35 million dollar bid.

Come November, the final decision should be made on which company will build the future Flamingo Marina. From that point, the marina should be built in a timely manner.

Written by Rebecca L. Clower who was born in Chicago, grew up in Buffalo, NY and graduated from Arizona State University. Rebecca is fluent in Spanish, thanks to her mother who is “Tica.”

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Rebecca started investing in real estate at 22 years of age and it became a passion, she is also a Realtor® and after rehabbing 40 homes and selling millions in real estate in Tampa, she relocated to Costa Rica to continue practicing her love for real estate, investing and to be closer to her family.

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Flamingo Marina Project Update – July 2007

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