When it comes finding your dream home in Costa Rica whether it’s for your primary residence or a vacation home the variety and options here can be both wonderful and overwhelming.

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Every day I have clients approach us with an array of needs and requests, each one unique and personal, and I’ve noticed some trends in the questions that keep being brought to the table.

If you’ve been wondering the best way to start looking the right sized home, here are a few questions you’ll want to ask yourself before embarking on finding exactly what you want here around Lake Arenal.

  1. How much and how do I plan on using my Costa Rica home?

    Knowing just how and how much you intend on using your home in Lake Arenal is the first step in making it a reality. If you’re planning on making Costa Rica your primary residence, you’ll most likely want a home you can see yourself living in day after day.

    Convenience is key, and the layout of your home should fit your lifestyle. Should you want more of a vacation home, possibly one to rent out, you may want to consider one with upscale amenities that will enhance visitors’ stay.

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    Perhaps it’s a scenic view of the mighty Arenal volcano that’s at the top of your wish list, or maybe you want to be near then of course there are bedrooms to consider. If you plan of having frequent overnight guests, then a little extra room can go a long way.

  2. What do I want to do in your free time around Lake Arenal?

    Close your eyes and envision your perfect day around the Lake. What do you see? Maybe you want to begin every morning enjoying a cup of coffee or tea on an outdoor lanai while watching the monkeys in the trees.

    Water enthusiasts will want direct or quick access to the lake to get out and enjoy a day of fishing, kayaking, kite-surfing or even paddle boarding.

    Outdoorsmen might want to be near hiking and mountain biking trails. Embrace your green thumb and cultivate a gorgeous yard full of vibrant tropical flowers, or grow you own food. The possibilities here are endless

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  4. How important is convenient access to community amenities?

    You’ll also want to consider community amenities. Lake Arenal is dotted with charming small villages that are ideal for peace and quiet, but if you want to be near grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations, you’ll want to stick to towns near Tilaran or La Fortuna.

  5. How much do I want to spend when buying a home in Costa Rica?

    Cost is one of the most heavily weighing factors when it comes to pursuing your dream of owning a home abroad. While the price beach property is going through the roof, you can still stretch your dollar here at the lake.

    Whether you’re looking for a fixer upper with a nice piece of land under $75k or a grand vacation home with a panoramic view to match, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Finding the Right Sized Home on Lake Arena.

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