Costa Rica Fireworks Video Festival de la Luz 2011.

The excitement of thousands of enthusiastic Tico families who arrived early to stake out their spots to see the parade and the fireworks which are all part of the Festival de la Luz parade were not dampened by the light rain that fell on them late in the afternoon. …

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The outskirts of the Parque La Sabana and Paseo Colon in San Jose were crowded with families and friends who did not want to miss any of the floats, the bands, the dance groups and cheerleaders celebrating this important day.

Just before 6pm the Mayor of San Jose Johnny Araya took the main stage launch the 2011 Festival de la Luz, after a few words from Johnny, the fireworks began …

The show began with a parade from the band of the Municipality of San Jose, followed by the Municipality’s float with a Chinese inspired design complete with dragons, horses and warriors.

Behind them came various bands starting with Palmares, with lights built into their uniforms, followed by bands from Zarcero, Orotina, Desamparados and Nicoya all playing festive music.

The second float in the parade was the National Children’s Hospital which stood out for its multicolored cube and their message for children to never stop dreaming.

The famous Coca Cola reindeer were present in their chariot pulling the sleigh of Santa Claus and then followed the first of the new telephone company’s floats Claro, then came Movistar and then Kölbi

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