Living in Altos de Antigua, a rural paradise in Puriscal which has activities everyone can afford.

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Early forays into the soft light of the morning sun (6 am is really not a weird time of day) offers ever changing surprises for the body and soul.

The first step into the cool mountain fresh air always inspires that lazy attitude to open up to the adventures to come. The hills are a grind, but the stops are a treasure of fruit orchards and flower gardens an aroma therapy.

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The walk on the meandering road (what the locals call columpios, meaning if your not going up your going down) is filled with: “Holas” and, “Puravidas”, gentle acknowledgements from car horns and boisterous waves and shouts from all and I mean all the local campesinos, rural folk.

The views are breathtaking!

We can see the property nestled in the valley of a spectacular dense jungle. Stopping at a local mission with always an open door policy gives us time to thank the One who gave this beauty to us to maintain and enjoy.

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The variety of bird life is unbelievable. Blue ones, green ones, yellow black redheaded ones and that was in just one of the lush mature trees 10 feet from the entrance gate. Then a quick stop at the local ‘soda’ for a $4 breakfast for two people with to-die-for Costa Rican coffee.

It certainly is not a ‘sophisticated’, Paris styled patio Café, but for us, having a two year old Tica run up to you and with a beaming smile greeting you with “Hola”, beats any busy city location any day of the week.

The cook in her brilliant white uniform is well qualified from years of home cooking to create what we like best, food with all the flavor of a rural upbringing.

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Thus fueled for the challenge and the daily chores of returning emails and working on a painting project with the birds singing, bugs buzzing, drinking a freshly blended watermelon creation, we are ready for an afternoon’s dip in the pool with friends (available to all residences and guests).

The evening can be spent at home or at the nearby ‘soda’ to meet friends, discuss the day and be greeted and treated by locals who are honestly friendly.

Darkness comes early and so does bedtime. The eyes are hard to keep open even with a gripping novel in hand. The cool mountain breezes whisk the soul into a soothing place where the memories of the awesome day are revisited.

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Written by Rheal and Norma Cinq-mars from Calgary, AB in Canada.

Your New Home Building Team in Puriscal, Costa Rica.

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