Food, Shelter, and Water!
The three most important elements to survival.
Food- plenty of it, there several varieties of fruit trees, there is a 12 month growing season, the soil is very fertile.
Shelter- For under $15,000 we can have a simple two bedroom 1 bath cabin built on the property. There are nearly 100 hardwood trees that can be harvested and used for for construction, and to build cabinets, and furniture.
Water- Absolutely no shortage of that!
With the rainy season upon us, these waterfall parcels are showing their true colors. The food supply is being increased by more planting of bananas, platanos, pineapples, and several exotic fruit trees.
If times get tough, and money is tight or has lost it’s value, you will not go hungry as there is enough land and existing food supply to keep you and your family fed.

Only 2 parcels left, do not miss out on the opportunity.
Size: 10,000

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